Danielle Blakey

Sound Off: Danielle Blakey, "Driving Song"

July 22, 2008 // 51 Comments

Today's featured artist is Danielle Blakey, another talent from Australia. Here's a bit of her bio: Young, fresh and gorgeous, DANIELLE BLAKEY has already come to the attention of Star Maker judges, US TV producers and even SHANIA TWAIN’s former guitarist DAVID MALACHOWSKI. Her sound is refreshing and pop-py; seriously modern contemporary. Danielle has written nine of the ten tracks along with producer PETER NORTHCOTE. The tenth is Anybody Listening, the track that landed a spot on the hit US TV show Smallville. The tracks are vital and alive. Opening track Back Home tells of missing the country life. Driving Song is totally hot with an irresistible rocky beat. Tell Me is delightful; about that first moment when love hits so hard it knocks the words out of your mouth. The Kiss is foot-tappingly catchy. Alright has a youthful country sweetness. Back To You is unadulterated unapologetically swinging jazz. Danielle’s Read More