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Year-End Rodeo 2015: Individual Ballots

December 29, 2015 // 5 Comments

Now that our final lists of the 40 Best Singles of 2015 and 20 Best Albums of 2015 are posted and open for discussion, we have decided to post each of our seven writers’ individual ballots for the year-end countdowns, so we can give at least a bit of attention to even more great music from the past year.

Album Review: Rhonda Vincent, Only Me

January 28, 2014 // 2 Comments

Rhonda Vincent-only_me

Rhonda Vincent
Only Me


Modern bluegrass legend Rhonda Vincent shows off two sides of her musical repertoire with her delightful new album Only Me, which is split across two six-track discs. The first disc is a collection of bluegrass songs, while the second showcases Vincent’s prowess in performing traditional country music.

Daryle Singletary, “Love You With the Lights On”

April 12, 2009 // 4 Comments

I really love everything that Daryle Singletary’s approach to country music represents. Sometimes it seems there are only two veins of country traditionalists: the ones who take the Haggard and Jones approach, and the ones who take the Waylon and Willie approach. Singletary is all about the Conway Twitty and Charley Pride, a crooner of romantic ballads awash in steel guitar. There’s only one thing that holds Singletary back from being the Twitty or Pride of his generation. His voice just doesn’t have the ability to pull off these types of songs completely. “Love You With the Lights On” is a solid enough song. It certainly would’ve been a chart-topper in the seventies for one of the aforementioned men. Singletary sings it pleasantly enough, but he’s not entirely convincing as the seducer here.  His voice just doesn’t have the depth and nuance to pull it off. God bless him, but Read More

Daryle Singletary, “Jesus and Bartenders”

May 27, 2007 // 0 Comments

Daryle Singletary, “Jesus and Bartenders” Singletary covers an Rebecca Lynn Howard album track from a few years back.   It’s a classic country honky-tonk number, and while Howard’s original version has its charms, Singletary’s a natural fit for a song like this.    Singletary isn’t the most creative male country vocalist, given how derivative his style is of country crooners like George Jones and Randy Travis, but that style is a perfect fit for a song that sounds like a b-side from either of those legend’s careers. Grade:  B Listen: Jesus and Bartenders Buy: Jesus and Bartenders More Daryle Singletary: Album Review: Straight From the Heart 400 Best Contemporary Country Singles: #200-#176

Daryle Singletary, Straight From the Heart

May 19, 2007 // 1 Comment

Daryle Singletary Straight From the Heart Album Review by Paul W. Dennis Daryle Singletary never managed to become a megastar, mostly because he has too much soul and integrity for today’s Nashville. Simply put, Daryl is “too country”. This album picks up where Daryl’s 2002 album That’s Why I Sing This Way left off, with one original song, the humorous “I Still Sing This Way”; one cover of a recent song, the Larry Cordle-penned Rebecca Lynn Howard cut “Jesus and Bartenders”; and ten classic country covers sung with feeling.