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Eagles, “Busy Being Fabulous”

One of the great success stories of 2007 was the massively popular Eagles album Long Road Out of Eden.    In the seventeen years since their previous studio album, country music essentially adopted their California rock sound.    In a weird way, listening to “Busy Being Fabulous” made me think to myself, “Oh. This is what Rascal Flatts is trying to do, but they keep messing it up.”

It’s hard to mess anything up when you have Don Henley singing lead, with Eagles harmonies behind him.  The song is clever, but still understated, and it’s over far too soon.  If they sold this CD somewhere other than Wal-Mart, I’d probably buy it.

Written by Glenn Frey, Don Henley & Steuart Smith

Grade: B+

Listen:  Busy Being Fabulous


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Eagles, “How Long”

When they reunited for the Hell Freezes Over tour and record, they put out a few new songs, but none of them sounded like vintage Eagles.   This single does.   The harmonies, the country-flavored guitar work, and Don Henley singing like he never checked out of Hotel California.

Despite the classic trappings, the record sounds fully modern and contemporary.   I’m not shocked that country radio has jumped on this.  More than any of the rock crossovers come lately, the Eagles really do have a connection to this genre.   With the Dixie Chicks and Little Big Town embracing the Eagles sound on their recent projects, it’s great to hear the inspirations themselves getting their groove back.    Good stuff.

Grade: A-

Listen: How Long


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