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The Jealous Heart

October 7, 2008 Dan Milliken 11

Relationships are tricky business. I’ve got to think country music knows that better than any other art form. Here in the real world, we tend to talk about our relationships with others in simple terms:

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Gary Allan, Living Hard

October 26, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 3

Gary Allan Living Hard Country music is long on love song singers but short on philosophers. Too many albums released feature interchangeable romances and ruminations, tales of love gone wrong, love gone right and everything

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Gary Allan, “Watching Airplanes”

July 17, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 19

Gary Allan, “Watching Airplanes” Surprisingly boring and uneventful. I wouldn’t expect his new stuff to match the emotional intensity of Tough All Over, but he’s just phoning it in here. That said, Gary Allan phoning

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