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Single Review: Tim McGraw featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, “Me and Tennessee”

Three better Tim McGraw duets:

  1. I Need You
  2. Over and Over
  3. Cold, Cold Heart

Three better Gwyneth Paltrow duets:

  1. Cruisin’
  2. Forget You
  3. Just My Imagination

Three bad country star/Hollywood star duets:

  1. Bar Room Buddies
  2. Stay Outta My Bedroom
  3. Me and Tennessee

One duet that is eerily similar to this one:

  1. Don’t You Want Me

Written by Chris Martin

Grade: D

Listen: Me and Tennessee


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Single Review: Gwyneth Paltrow, “Country Strong”

A moment of honesty, please.  Just by listening to “Country Strong”, would you have any idea that this was recorded for an upcoming film by a Hollywood-born star who grew up in New York?

There’s nothing substantively different about Paltrow’s new single and all of the other “country and proud of it” songs that are out there. If it was recorded by any other new female singer that didn’t have an established public persona, it wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow.

The last few years of country music have so conclusively moved toward artifice that most country artists are already faking it. Alongside all the former pop stars and homegrown country artists who sound like them, it’s no surprise to see actual actors pulling off their country music efforts. The game has been moved to their turf, and they’ve got home court advantage.

So sure, she’s only acting.  But aren’t they all?

Grade: B-

Listen: Country Strong


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