Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates, “Riverbank”

September 5, 2008 // 7 Comments

At the funeral of his father, the character in Jeff Bates’ new single “Riverbank” feels the rush of old memories when the pair would enjoy days together at the fishing hole.  The death has made him reflective, but grateful for the time they shared, and Bates is convincing with an honest, heartfelt performance. Bates has always exhibited a distinctively gruff voice, and it works well with the sadness of the song.  He’s backed by a simple, humble production that fits with its bittersweet tone  As Bates notes before the last chorus, he’s determined to “try to catch a few” and appreciate life like his father would want. Here’s hoping “Riverbank” catches a few spins from country radio. Written by Jeff Bates, Robert Arthur and Kirk Roth Grade: B Listen: Riverbank