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Kate & Kacey, “Dreaming Love”

kate-and-kacey“Love, love, love, love…” crazy love? Unfortunately, no. There is a brief moment at the beginning of “Dreaming Love” where you think Kate & Kacey might break into Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love.” But no, we’re not that fortunate.

Kate & Kacey do have some songwriting chops. In fact, they have a co-write with Jamey Johnson coming out on George Strait’s upcoming album.  However, “Dreaming Love” is not a shimmering display of those abilities.  Overall, the song is plagued with a  pretty but forgettable tune (slightly reminiscent in parts of Heidi Newfield’s “Johnny and June”), decidedly unmemorable vocals and unimaginative lyrics expounding on that n’er-written-about subject, love.

In some ways, “Dreaming Love” feels like the beginning of the “Taylor Swift era” in country music, where young female singer-songwriters inspired by Swift’s success share their diaries with the world through heartfelt lyrics and music that has a hint of country but would never be out of place on a Disney soundtrack.  The funny thing is, this song would not only be more interesting with Swift singing, but you know she would have written a more interesting song to begin with … who da thunk?

Songwriters: Kate & Kacey Coppola

Grade: C+

Listen:Dreaming Love


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