Marijohn Wilkin

100 Greatest Women, #88: Marijohn Wilkin

March 31, 2008 // 1 Comment

100 Greatest Women #88 Marijohn Wilkin Much like Jeanne Pruett a few years later, Marijohn Wilkin became a successful female songwriter during the days when male domination was near-complete. Cindy Walker and Felice Bryant had found significant success before Wilkin hit town, largely inspired by the latter’s work. Before she broke ground as a female songwriter, she had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English, graduating in 1941. She went on to become a school teacher, but she had caught the music bug in college, playing in a cowboy band on campus at Baylor University in Texas. Seeing the success that Bryant was having in Nashville, Wilkin took the leap and moved to Music City in 1958. She soon was playing at a piano-bar, and earned a low-paying publishing gig that would prove quite prosperous once artists heard her work. The very same year, she found takers for two songs that Read More