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The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 16

Today’s category is…

Your Guiltiest Guilty Pleasure.

Here are the staff picks:

Kevin Coyne: “Sashimi” – Keyboard Cathy

Look, here’s the thing. It started out as a joke. I was laughing at it. I swear. Then I started singing it to myself more often than I care to admit…until now.

Leeann Ward: “Gotta Be Somebody” – Nickelback

I have plenty of guilty pleasures, but my guiltiest guilty pleasure stands ahead of the rest. In fact, I feel so guilty about enjoying this song that I can’t even define what I like about it, but the fact is that I do, despite that you wouldn’t find any song like it in my iTunes.

Dan Milliken: “Working For the Weekend” – Josh Gracin

I honestly don’t experience much musical guilt, so I’m just going with what probably sounds the worst on paper. Gracin snarls his way through this perky 80’s pop hit, imbuing it with a weird, aggressive, kind of creepy sexuality. It’s strangely engrossing.

Tara Seetharam: Shake That” – Eminem featuring Nate Dogg

Any class I’ve built up as a music blogger probably just came crashing down, but I can’t help it y’all. I freaking love this song.


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Review: Bucky Covington, “Gotta Be Somebody”

buckycovington10-x600In theory, Bucky Covington covering a rock song isn’t a bad idea – when at his best, he has a natural, believable southern rock edge to his voice. But you wouldn’t know that from listening to his version of “Gotta Be Somebody,” which finds his voice oddly processed and uncharacteristically dull.

The main issue is that the bite and passion that surge through the repetitive chorus in the original Nickelback version are largely if not completely absent from Covington’s version, leaving it stripped of raw emotion. If you can’t sing a song about your willingness to wait forever for your soulmate with a fighting desperation, why sing it at all? The arrangement is also quite jarring as a result of the country “re-vamping” of the song, and this is no more apparent than in the instrumental breakdown – with a smothered fiddle – before the bridge.

Covington’s always been the kind of artist who shines with the right material, so here’s to hoping he wises up and makes smarter musical decisions in the future.

Written by Chad Kroeger & Nickelback

Grade: D+

Listen: Gotta Be Somebody


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