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Single Review: Eric Paslay, “Friday Night”

Eric Paslay Friday NightA breakthrough single that’s as notable for what it isn’t as for what it is.

“Friday Night” is nothing special in terms of lyrical content, and while Paslay is a competent singer, there’s nothing on the track that indicates he’s the next Keith Urban, or even the next Blake Shelton.   But he’s learned a few lessons along the way about what not to do.  The arrangement is simple, the musicianship clean and crisp, and the banjo drives the hook, rather than loud electric guitars or cumbersome percussion.

But I think what I like the best about “Friday Night” is its brevity.  Clocking in at just under three minutes, Paslay’s single ends a little abruptly, just when you think it’s going to devolve into an endless chorus with louder vocals and busier instrumentation.   It’s a production approach that makes a great song go on for too long, and a tolerable one become insufferable.

So kudos to Eric Paslay for not wearing out his welcome the first time around.

Written by Rob Crosby, Rose Falcon, and Eric Paslay

Grade: B



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