Rodney Atkins

Discussion: Vote for Your CMA Picks

November 4, 2008 // 20 Comments

Seems appropriate for Election Day.  Vote for your favorites and share your thoughts in the comments.  Be sure to click “more” so you can see all of the categories. [poll id=”2″] [poll id=”3″] [poll id=”4″]

Rodney Atkins, “Invisibly Shaken”

April 6, 2008 // 13 Comments

With four songs from his If You’re Going Through Hell album already reaching the top spot on the country music charts, Rodney Atkins has been enjoying amazing success with his second album. So, his record label must have decided that they might as well get as much out of the album as possible–thus, the release of the fifth single to radio, “Invisibly Shaken.” While his friends are impressed that he’s taking his break up in stride, the guy in this song admits that he isn’t doing so well. In reality, the dissolution of the relationship has left him “invisibly shaken”, as the title suggests. When a time comes that the girl wants him back, he is outwardly strong enough to resist the temptation, because he knows from experience that she’ll just break his heart again. After four light hearted fast to mid tempo songs that employed the modern sounds of Read More

Rodney Atkins, “Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)

October 13, 2007 // 7 Comments

Ha! After listening to the tepid suburban fairytale “Stealing Cinderella”, I can’t help but love this alternative scenario play out when a young man comes a-courtin’. Atkins continues to be one of the finest young talents on the country music scene, and four singles deep, his second album is still producing singles worthy of leading off a project. Grade: B+ Listen: Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) Buy: Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)

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