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The Worst Singles of the Decade, Part 2: #40-#31

October 24, 2009 // 38 Comments

thumbs downThe banality continues. Read Part 1 here.

The Worst Singles of the Decade, Part 2: #40-#31

Kenny Chesney & George Strait, “Shiftwork”

A stab at the working class blues still ends up on a tropical island by the third verse.

Anita Cochran featuring The Voice of Conway Twitty, “(I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin’ Song”

In which a duet is formed from beyond the grave by chopping up bits and pieces of old Conway Twitty songs and reassembling them word by word.

Billy Dean, “Let Them Be Little”

Thirty seconds in and you’ll be headed to your dentist for a cavity filling.

Montgomery Gentry, “She Couldn’t Change Me”

Sorry boys, but “some hip-hop mess” would be a great improvement over this hillbilly trainwreck.

Sarah Johns, “The One in the Middle”

May 6, 2007 // 113 Comments

Sarah Johns, “The One in the Middle” Too long, too drawn out and not nearly clever enough to sustain an entire song. Johns has a nice, twangy voice that is being wasted on this futile attempt at an attitude record. Then there are the back-up singers doing a “Wa Wa Wa Wow” throughout the damn thing that may be the most gratuitous add-on I’ve ever heard on a country record. I look forward to hearing more from Johns, as it’s refreshing to hear a new female voice that sounds authentically country being launched by a major label. I just don’t like this particular song. Find her something that Patty Loveless would’ve recorded in her early Epic days and she’ll be good to go. Grade: C Listen: The One in the Middle Buy: The One in the Middle