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Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “I Like It, I Love It”

1995  |  Peak: #1

Tim McGraw’s third number-one hit is an odd record to review, as it somehow defies the typical appraisal.  How does one even explain it?  The lyrics are silly.  It’s extremely cheesy.  It’s sole purpose of existence is to get the listener to sing along, so it throws everything it has into reaching that goal.  The second it comes on the radio, you can’t help but start bopping out to it.  You start singing along before you know it.  Then you might get tired of it to the point that you can’t stand to hear it.  But after a short time, you find yourself blasting it out your car windows again.

Maybe it’s the ridiculously catchy melody.  Maybe it’s the fiddle and barroom piano that hooks you.  Maybe it’s the way Tim just owns it with his infectiously playful Southern drawl.  Somehow, he totally sells the puppy-love tale of a guy dressing up, cleaning the house, holding the door open, and doing anything else he can think of to spoil his teddy-bear-loving girlfriend.

All I think to say is… “I like it, I love it… I can’t rise above it.”  Just listen, and try to understand.

Written by Mark Hall, Jeb Stuart Anderson, and Steve Dukes

Grade:  A-

Listen:  I Like It, I Love It


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