100 Greatest Women, #99: Sugar

March 11, 2008 // 4 Comments

100 Greatest Women #99 rong> Sugar (Dave & Sugar) Few acts have illustrated the imbalance between the sexes in country music history than Dave & Sugar. The act was formed in the mid-seventies by Dave Rowland, who had been a player in Charley Pride’s band for many years. He wasn’t having much luck as a solo act, so he decided to form a group. He joined up with two beautiful singers with great pipes: Vicki Hackerman and Jackie Frantz. Rather than come up with a group name encompassing all three talents, the two girls were collectively called “Sugar.” Dave & Sugar were born. They hit quickly, scoring a mid-level success the first time out with “Queen of the Silver Dollar”, penned by Shel Silverstein and familiar to anyone who owns Emmylou Harris’ Pieces of the Sky. Their next single, “The Door is Always Open”, went all the way to #1, Read More