Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”

1990 | Peak: #2

Alan Jackson’s fourth single picks up the tempo in all the best ways. The tune is very memorable, thanks to an exuberant melody and decidedly country production, but the lyrics are anything but lightweight.

The song starts with his father’s lofty dream of hearing his baby boy on the radio someday and progresses to the point when the beginning of the dream is finally realized. The autobiographical single, sung with a humble innocence, exudes boundless gratefulness and optimism for a budding career. At the time of its recording and subsequent release, Jackson could not have known just how successful he would be at chasing the all elusive dream, but he correctly projects that he will.

Written by Alan Jackson and Jim McBride

Grade: A

Listen: Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow



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  2. We’re all just chasing our own personal neon rainbows. This song personifies the go-getter in us all and our human want to live up to the expectations set for you in life; no matter if they are set by someone else or yourself!

    By far I think this is my favorite Alan Jackson song! A song that presents an overall message that we all can relate to and does so with a fiery country backdrop to carry it deep inside your mind.

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