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Single Review: Kip Moore, “I’m to Blame”

Kip Moore I'm to Blame
“I’m to Blame”
Kip Moore

Written by Westin Davis, Kip Moore, and Justin Weaver

When Kip Moore puts on the outlaw boots, they actually fit just right.   He’s not posing.  He’s not playing a character.  He’s singing his truth, and he can get done singing that truth in two minutes and seventeen seconds.

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Single Review: Brantley Gilbert, “Bottoms Up”

Brantley Gilbert Bottoms UpA month of single reviews into 2014, I’ve never been more aware of just how many songs there really are about partying with a girl out in the country.

“Bottoms Up” is one of three songs in this week’s top ten alone that follow this plot line, and I suppose it’s the best of the three, if only because of the sparse atmosphere of the first half of the record.  Gilbert’s vocal feels detached, as if he can’t really believe he’s singing this.  His voice being more weathered than his contemporaries makes that detachment sound more cool than disinterested.

So,  yeah.  He does this remarkably popular theme better than most.   But when a theme is this played out, even doing it well doesn’t make it worth listening to.

Written by Brantley Gilbert and Justin Weaver

Grade: B-



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