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  1. Hi there,

    As a fellow liberal country music fan who seems to like the genre for all the same reasons Kevin does, I’m so grateful that I accidentally stumbled on this blog last year.

    But I was wondering, is there a way to sign for an RSS feed for this site? I’ve been searching up and down and can’t find the RSS link.

    Thank you for the site, and keep up the good work.

    Rgds, Aarti

  2. Kevin,

    Please take a secong to check out my new site, inspired by yours, that I’ve just launched. Its a work in progress, and will be evolving over the next few weeks, so please note that its just a draft at this point. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi. I’d love to see some coverage of the John Rich comments comparing unsavory homosexuality to incest. Then later backtracking. I don’t think you’ve covered it. I checked a few other blogs and don’t see it either. If a liberal act like the Dixie Chicks say something, they get banned. But if a ultra right winger like John Rich says something, it seems the country music community won’t criticize it. I’d love to hear some good dialouge on this from your blog or others.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    This is my new favorite passtime. I love this site, because I love to talk about country music. Keep up the great work. I’m sorry for overrunning the site with my back comments, but I couldn’t resist. This is way too much fun.:)

  5. I’m hoping that you can help me with locating the singer of a song called “TYLER”. It came out between 1994 to 1996, but I can’t for the life of me remember who sang it. I do remember that at the end of the song, he (not sure who) sayes “I love you Tyler”, and the little boy replys, “I love you too, Daddy”. I’m hoping that you can help me with this, as it is driving me nuts…..

    Anna Fausnaugh

  6. Leeann,

    Love the comments! Keep them coming. I’m glad you enjoy the site!


    The artist of the song “Tyler” was Davis Daniel. It’s from his self-titled 1994 album. You can get the CD at the Amazon Marketplace for 41 cents!

  7. Hi Kevin,

    Just heard Crystal Shawanda’s “You Can Let Go” on the radio here in Atlanta…what a great song. Anyway, that led me to your site when I did a search on Crystal. I’m an aspiring artist as well and am looking for some folks to review my music. I have three recorded so far and would love to have you or your team write a review. The songs are: Wild Horses, Too Long Gone, and Small Town USA…all are original. Thanks in advance for having a look! Scotty

  8. yeah so I’m wondering if you can give me any tips on how to start a blog. I started one back in october but had to abandon it for various reasons. I logged back in today to try to restart it. If you could tell me anything that would be great, (like how to put links up in the sidebar). Thanks in advance.

    Ps. love the blog, I check it everyday for updates.

  9. Kevin, I’m looking forward to hearing your take on the new George Strait and Kathy Mattea albums. My girl Patty Loveless appears on both including a wonderful duet with George on “House of Cash.”

  10. the “100 greatest women” countdown is a mighty fine effort. lots of info, well summarised. since i read the melba montgomery summary i finally know who sang “no charge”. congratulations and many thanks.

    just out of curiosity: what are the criteria for the ranking? – if it’s at all supposed to be a ranking.

  11. Roger,

    I haven’t had a chance to review those albums yet, but I will soon. I love the Mattea album, the Strait is decent. Obviously, Patty anywhere is always a good thing!

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m enjoying revealing the list, and I’m glad people are enjoying it as well.

    There’s an introduction post that you can find on the 100 Greatest Women page that explains the criteria somewhat, but I guess it’s kind of vague. Basically it’s a melting pot of commercial and critical success, long-lasting impact and influence, and overall quality. It’s somewhat subjective, but I think it will all make a logical sense once the whole list is revealed, even though nobody could ever exactly agree with the rankings. It’s an impossibility with lists like these! My main goal is to tell the story of women in country music as a whole by talking about them individually, so hopefully those themes are being picked up on as the series progresses.

  12. kevin,

    thanks for your answer. bringing quality aspects into play is a sure way to stirr up a debate. however, it’s one of the beauties of such lists that disagreeing is as much fun as agreeing.

    i’m already looking forward to the reactions when the list enters the top-ten phase – even more so, since i saw the wave of feedback related to kenny chesney’s head-injury in concert.

  13. Get the RSS back. WordPress has it built in. When you customized the site you deleted it. You just need a link called “RSS Feed” pointed at “”

  14. Kevin

    Just wanted to post a comment to congratulate you on this wonderful and very insightful site. I only found out about it from a DCX fan site when you placed them in the 100 Greatest Women list (Great job by the way!)

    Since then, I still haven’t got through reading all of the details on each of the 100 women you posted about but I’m getting there. I’ve also been reading album reviews and such. I’m really enjoying it and I’ll definitely keep coming back. You really put a lot of thought into everything you post.

    Hopefully you’ll have another DCX album to review in the not too distant future! Also, rumour has it the three ladies recorded a song for a film…so at least that’s something to look forward to….

  15. Hello
    I was reading the post “Country Convert Song”
    and trying to remember the that got me
    “hooked” .And i realize it was a country song in spanish!
    Could you write about country in other countries?
    I only know about the mexican duo “Ha*ash”
    (though they’re not really mexicans xD!)
    and their song ‘Vaquera’ and maybe ‘already home’

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Hey Guys!

    So I was never a ‘blog’ type person, meaning I never read or wrote blogs but now I’m actually inspired to start my own blog about country music! I feel like I know quite a bit about the genre and it would be a dream come true to have a career involving the busines of country music.

    You guys are doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work and I love reading!!

  17. Hey Aaron,
    We’re really glad you enjoy the site. Good luck with your blog and your business endeavors regarding country music.

    Glad you liked my comment over there.:)

  18. I need help- I’ve looked all over the web and I can’t find what I’m looking for. I saw a music video a few years back (with in the last 10 years, I’m sure) with Dolly Parton and singing a duet with a guy in a bar. The guy had long black hair and he was playing a guitar. I was wondering what the name of the song was and who “the guy” was. If anyone could help that would be great.

  19. I don’t know if this is an appropriate place to post this, but I felt like making you aware of this. Billboard says the “Dave” in Dave & Sugar just died, and in some eerie coincidence, I had heard “Queen of the Silver Dollar” on KTHT-FM two days earlier.

    Freddie Hart, too:

    And to add insult to injury, last night I had dreamt about reading headlines about Doug Stone dying.

    I really hope the last sixth of 2018 isn’t killing season for classic country artists.

  20. Bobbie Cryner.
    This lady has to be a number one country female singer ever.
    Yet we never hear about her self or her music and what’s she doing today?
    When you hear all the crapp singers trying to sing country and you’ve got Bobbie Cryner doing nothing.
    I say as a Traditional Country and Western Promoter please look for her and while your at it bring back Joy Lynn White
    She can sing anytime for me.

    The way Country has gone since 1970 is terrible I blame the radio stations getting back hangers .
    Well where I come from we in Liverpool,England invented it .
    I’m 78 this year I started listening to country 1949 age 7 years of age up to present day ,my old traditional like Bobbie and Joy Lynn White.
    I know all the artist from the 50s,I’ve been to,Nashville,Elvis home,Carl Perkins Museum ,like the song
    I’ve been everywhere man, Hank Snow.
    Bobbie is the lady we need up in the Charts show these young ones how to sing with out flashing the legs .
    I’m a professional at my field,I retired 2018 from 1964. But was involve 1956 with the Late Jim Reeves ,and became a close friend of his Late wife For 36 years I was invited over with my wife to meet her for the second time and Kitty Wells..
    Thank you all.
    David F. Markham

  21. Hello, I was wondering if there’s a way to subscribe to this blog via email? I haven’t been able to find one.

  22. Kevin, on your Number One Country Songs of the 80s, did you skip Cry by Crystal Gayle (Billboard #1 October 25th, 1986)? Just wondering.

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