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  1. Touch a nerve there Dan? Now you know how it feels when you hear “snarky” comments about your site and writers just like you do to other artists whether or not it’s on here or where ever you “guest comment”, like on The 9513, Country California, or whatever site let’s you write on. Then when the fans come on and try to defend their artist, you all cut them down and act all cute and sarcastic…..Leeann is one of the worst.

  2. We try to maintain a basic level of respect for every artist we discuss, although it’s true that some of us sometimes poke fun at them (though all in good fun). And we do sometimes challenge fans’ assertions about their artists, but we try to do that in a respectful manner, too. The only time I’ll ever break out the sarcasm myself is if the commenter has indicated that he or she is not interested in a respectful conversation of any sort (for example, “Kevin’s mom” on the recent Kellie Pickler thread).

    That said, if there is a specific instance where you feel that Leeann or someone else insulted an artist or commenter in the same way that you just insulted us (and Leeann especially), by all means name it and we’ll take a look and see what we said or did wrong. Nobody’s perfect, and we’ll be happy to reexamine our behavior if you can point out (respectfully) where you think it fell short.

  3. I just happened to see this in the latest comments and wanted to chime in on it. I am not clear on what happened but from what I have read from the both of you, someone was disrespecful to or about someone or an artist, and there is questionably a problem with how some artist are treated.

    I have seem so many other sites that are so bad when it comes to cutting down artist. I find CU to be a very reputable site, and the writer’s are respectful for the most part (some times sarcasim is needed) to the artist and are generally open minded on all guest comments.

    To me I don’t see one of the writer’s going against the policy, the one or two times I have had a writer be harsh on my comment they were quick to apologize and elaborate on their comments.

    I think this is the best and most respectful country blog site on the net.

    Just thought I would put my two cents in FWIW.

  4. VP, It’s worth a lot, by the way.

    I’m sorry for offending you, Kerri. I’m not sure to which incidences you are referring, but I know I can be harsh at times. I really try to be respectful, but I’m not perfect at it. I just can’t like every artist and I, likewise, can’t agree with every person’s comments. I’m sure we’ll disagree again in the future (there’s no way I can promise you we won’t), but I hope you can respect that bloggers aren’t always going to be cheerful and positive. I can always do a little better though.

  5. Having gotten wind of this thread, I headed over here to make the following statement:

    Leeann is the most diplomatic and respectful person I’ve ever conversed with, online or off.

    But before I had the chance to post it, Leeann proved it with her words above.

    If Leeann’s the worst in your world, I want to live there.

  6. First of all to Kevin, your going to say this about Leeann, you are a writer here with her. You also Dan. I have no idea where half of you all are from, The 9513, Country California, Country Fake news or what. I just know that whenever I post something in rebuttal to anything, I am often met with sarcastic, belittling words which are meant to be subtle but end up putting down the fan and then all of you other writers/critics come rushing on and give kudos to the put down with usually sarcastic words and statements. I often just state the facts nicely of why I disagree but then the response from the original reviewer or “guest” critic is not nice.

    Dan, sorry about using your website for my comment. I had never been here before until I “clicked” on Leeann’s name and got the listing of where she is located for writing. I just posted something to see what would come back especially from Leeann. This is how the fans feel when we are singled out for what we say. Just as it’s your job to review, it’s our job to come back and tell you why we like our artist and maybe point out a few facts of things that you all did not know when you were reviewing. Just because a singer does not write his own songs does not make him/her a bad artist. Just because a singer does not come up the ropes the hard way does not make them a bad artist, you all have no idea of what a person does or does not do in their climb to their dream. Just because you don’t like the words to a song does not make the singer a bad artist. Did you think of how the song writer feels when he reads your review? Just don’t be so degrading or cutesy all the time.

    My beef with Leeann is more on The 9513, not here. All of you who share duties on other sites express yourselves a little more than you need to.

  7. and thank you Leeann for your comments. I’m sure we will disagree again but hopefully by then I will have developed thicker skin!

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