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Don’t Bore Us – Get To the Chorus!

The best title ever for a hits package.

Also, the first thing that popped up in my head when I was thinking about this discussion topic.

Some songs have choruses so good that they don’t even need the rest of the song to make them worth listening to.

In the case of “Let That Pony Run,” the Pam Tillis hit about a newly divorced mother, you can lift the chorus out of the song completely and it still makes sense. Pretty rare for a story song:

You do what you gotta do,
And you know what you know.

You hang on ’til you can’t hang on,
Then you learn to let go.

And you get what you need sometimes,
When it’s all said and done.

You do what you gotta do,
Then you let that pony run.

How’s that for a great life philosophy?

What are your favorite choruses? Can they stand up on their own?


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