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Flavorless Producers

dann-huffWhile on the surface, music revolves around artists and the songs they sing, it’s the music producers who are ultimately essential to the finished product that we all hear and critique. Most producers have a hand in the vocals, the instrumentation and even the song selections that we hear on our favorite or not so favorite albums.

Often times, when I hear that certain producers are going to produce upcoming projects, I automatically get an idea of what the project will sound like based on that particular producer’s previous works. For instance, when I hear that Dann Huff is to produce an album, I fairly or unfairly assume that the album will be slick pop-country that will include a lot of needless eighties influenced electric guitar solos. Similarly, whenever Scott Hendricks is connected to an album, I’m even more sure that I won’t be impressed by the finished product that is almost certain to be full of blandly produced songs that all seem to run together.

Okay, I’ll be more positive next week, but for now, I want to know who your least favorite producers are and what’s so unappealing about his/her style.

We’ll talk about our favorite producers next week, I promise.


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