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Single Review: Uncle Kracker feat. Kid Rock, “Good to Be Me”

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Go away go away go away go away go away go away go away.

Fine, I’ll say something about it. Sounds like a song Bob Seger would have written on strong cold medication. First time I can remember not even slightly enjoying a chorus with handclaps. Kracker’s lame performance isn’t even enjoyable in that creepy, stoner-lite “Follow Me” way. The whole thing sounds laxadasically recorded. It features Kid Rock.

And Mediabase shows it climbing steadily. We livin’ in a farce, country fans.

…And what does it say about me that I even bothered writing this review? I need to reflect.

Written by J T Harding, Brett James, Robert James Ritchie, and Matt Shafer

Grade: D

Listen: Good to Be Me


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