Whitney Duncan

Whitney Duncan, “Skinny Dippin'”

June 24, 2009 // 18 Comments

As a former Nashville Star, Whitney Duncan has been seriously struggling to break through as a Warner Brothers recording artist for some time now. Out of the somewhat inferior material that she’s released so far, her third single, “Skinny Dippin’”, has the best shot of becoming a minor hit due to its sultry melodic structure and summertime timeliness. As an actual song, however, “Skinny Dippin’” suffers from some glaring flaws that could keep it from being the break through hit that Warner Brothers and Duncan are counting on.

Whitney Duncan, “When I Said I Would”

September 7, 2008 // 19 Comments

After a stint on Nashville Star in 2007, Whitney Duncan entered the country music parade (thanks to Warner Bros. Records) with her first single, “When I Said I Would”.  Duncan was raised on rock and roll and contemporary country, and those elements are evidents on this uptempo track about leaving bad love behind. The production is a little glossy, and the guitar licks are far from country, but that fits right in with the mainstream audience that Duncan is targeting.  Her vocal is strongest when the hook surrounds it, yet it’s undistinctive and just a little thin  around the verses.  The whole point of the song seems to be to reach the catchy chorus, and it’s that chorus that is the redeeming part of the song.  It is infectious, yes, but it does leave the listener hungry for a little more substance after a few spins.  Not a classic in the pantheon of done-me-wrong songs, but it’s not too Read More