Jo Dee Messina, “Biker Chick”

Jo Dee Messina, “Biker Chick”

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d heard all of this before. Then suddenly, it came back to me.

“Cool Rider.”

Grade: C

Listen: Biker Chick

Buy: Biker Chick

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5 Responses to Jo Dee Messina, “Biker Chick”

  1. T-Country

    i can never listen to the files off like this one and the rascal flatts song “take me there”… could you please post a file that’s compatable with windows media player like most the other files on here… thanks

  2. I changed the Rascal Flatts one, and I will replace the Jo Dee Messina link when the other format becomes available. Thanks for letting me know about the problem.

  3. T-Country

    Thanks alot!

  4. Leeann

    I have enjoyed a Jo Dee song here and there, but I can’t help but think that her voice sounds much like that Billy Gillman kid.

  5. MandyNo Gravatar

    the link won’t work

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