Chuck Wicks, “Stealing Cinderella”

I realize that I’m supposed to be swept away by the charm of this story, a young man asking a father for his daughter’s hand.     All I could think of listening to this, besides this being a reprise of “I Loved Her First”, is that this Dad has way too many pictures of his daughter in the living room.   Throw in a sugary sweet vocal and it’s just a little too much for me.

Grade: D

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  1. I disagree. I think the song is actually pretty good. I Loved Her First was a song about a father and daughter at the wedding, this song is from the boyfrigds percepective and targets the boyfriends realization of how connected the father and daughter are and how hard it will be to ask for her dad for her hand. I think its actually well done and written. Seriously, whats wrong with a dad and daughter being so clase that it hurts to let go?

  2. As a mother this song really hit home as my daughter was getting married. I think this song is great! It is so well put together and brings back the memories all parents have of thier little girls as they go off to their prince charming. We have pictures like this around the house. I agree with cowboy. It does hurt to let go. This impacted my husband as well as our only daughter is now married and as she was coming down the aisle with her daddy by her side the words of this song ran through my head. I look forward to more great music from Chuck Wicks.

  3. Well the song made me think of the two men I love most in the whole world. My Prince Charming…. and my Daddy the king of my world. Too Sugary Sweet I couldn’t disagree more I loved it !!! I head it for the first time this morning and have already tried to find it on the web and sent sweet messages to both my man!!!!

  4. I came accross the lyrics to this sing before hearing the song and instantly felt a tenderness in my heart! *sniff* I could only imagine what Big Strong ol’Daddy goes through when their little girl is swept off her feet by another man! This song is on repeat!! I enjoy the lyrics since it gives such vivid images and emotions…This song gives only a glimpse of how a Dad feels about his little girl. He can never have enough photos of me, for once Prince Charming takes me to our new castle, Daddy is left with nothing but still memories :*)

  5. I think you got it all wrong…this song was fantastic!! My father and I are extremely close and now I have the perfect song to play at my wedding!!! Thanks for such a fantastic song Chuck!!

  6. The first time I heard this song was two days after my daughter had told me she had been with her boyfriend for the “first” time. I felt like my little girl had been taken away from me and I felt like taking this kid and showing him pictures of when she was young so he could see her like I STILL see her. I love this song and I think any father will too!

  7. My daughter asked her Dad to pick the song he wants to dance with her at her wedding later this year. One morning about 2 weeks ago, the radio alarm woke me to this song. I immediately loved it and couldn’t wait until my husband heard it. Well, last evening just as we were getting ready to get out of our van, this song came on the radio. We sat in the van together and listened to it. My husband sobbed!!! This is the song he’s going to choose for the Father and Bride dance. Thank you for this beautiful song! I imagine their won’t be a dry eye the day of the wedding.

  8. Call me coldhearted, but this song Stealing Cinderella is right up there with I Loved Her First, Alyssa Lies, Bless the Broken Road in dripping with SAP!! The last three have been played so much that I turn off the radio when I hear them and I know that the Stealing Cinderella is going to be another one! Man, I’ve gotten cranky in my middle age!! I’m just all for happy, upbeat songs I guess. I can get depressed enough just reading the news without having to hear a depressing, tearjerking song!! Again…JMO!

  9. This song immediately grabbed my attention. My dad…well my dad isn’t the greatest, but I remember a time when he was my whole world and this songs brings it all back and I think it is totally sweet. One way to put it is that it is a ‘making memories” song. I adore it and I can’t wait to hear more from this great artist….

  10. this song is ok. my dad and i were never close so this song only made me cry and wish that i could have had that with my dad. so when it comes to my wedding day i wont have that special father-daughter dance… but i agree its a beautiful song. just i cant relate to it.

  11. This is one of those songs that has a clear message, and treads down a familiar path. I do have to take issue with the rating of D, as I’d give it a C+, but I can see how you got to D. I think it is well delivered, but the best delivery of weak material leaves us at a best conclusion of marginal. I think this kid will have a shot in the next six months to put out a really solid single and get some decent airplay. This, however, just won’t do it. I suspect, and have no basis on this, so I may be wrong, that this wasn’t penned by Wicks. He just doesn’t seem to really live the song. He has great vocals, but, like the weaker material that Brooks and Dunn have touched, this song leaves me wishing he’d do more. Surely he can,

  12. I couldn’t have disagreed more. I think it is a beautiful song through the eyes od a boyfriend realizing just what he is asking for. I assume you do not have children yet, when and if you do and it is a girl you will probably think differently. Little girls hang the moon in their dads eyes.

  13. my girlfriend was never really close to her mom…her dad has always been the number one guy in her life…i went to her his house with her for the first time this summer…and he was really nervous…he didn’t know what to think about me before he met me…it was his little girl i was with…his little girl that i now hold in my arms…i think it kinda scared him to see how happy we are togeather…but reashuring the way i teat her…he never took me and showed me pictures of her when she was little…but i did catch him looking at some…i almost felt guilty about about dating her and him not knowing me… but i know i’m a good guy and i know that i will treat her the way he thinks she should be treated…when we were leaving his house he stood there and watched us drve down the road…it was almost as if he was thinking “he’s stealing cinderella”…this song is now my girlfriend and I’s song

  14. We had the pleasure of that visit from the boyfriend this past Summer. He was so scared when he asked us for our daughters hand in marriage. I clearly remember my husbands response, “She’s My Little Girl, you’ll never be able to take care of her the way I take care of her”. My future Son-in-law is a awsome man, he will make a wonderful husband for our daughter. I heard this song for the first time this morning and tears rolled down my face. Every word was a perfect expression of my husbands feelings. I can’t wait to run out at lunch and purchase the CD so I can share it with my daughter and future son-in-law, I think this will clearify my husbands feelings, I think they will love it also.

  15. This song real does hit home with me. I am a recent newlywed of only 2 months. At the age of 25 I am still daddy’s little girl and his princess. The song “I loved her first” also has good meaning, but this just really shows the love of a father for his little girl who has grown into a young woman.

    My dad called me when he first heard this song, he was at work and immediately started thinking of me and broke down, b/c my husband stole his cinderella in a way, but I will always be there

  16. i love this song becuz im dad’s only lil grl so when prince charming comes and pops the q

    daddy will just do as the song says leave him in the room w/ all the pics of his cinderella becuz prince charming is there to only still his cinderella

    but i onlyu hope that daddy understands that i shall never leave him truthly always shall daddy have his place w/in my heart

  17. I think this song is great. His release of Stealing Cinderella now has a beautifully produced video, by Diana ‘Ruby’ Guidara, now on CMT Loaded. Hopefully it will hit the airwaves soon.

  18. I’m almost certain the naysayers of this song do not have (or did not have at a sweet earlier time) a little girl…for if they did their heart would be held in the hands of their own little Cinderella! My only little girl is now 4 1/2 and I already have many of the priceless memories that Chuck Wicks recalls in his song. And I’m burning each one into my memory as best I can, while I can…for when Prince Charming comes…

  19. As a young man that recently asked for a young womans hand in marriage this song really hit me on understanding the bond that ties any father and daughter together. Any father should only want the best for his children, especially his daughter. I’m sure that one day when it is my daughter I will understand more fully the depth and power in this song. Thanks Chuck and keep up the good work.

  20. I love this song to little itty bits. This song makes me cry every time I hear it, because my parents split when I was little, so I don’t have a father that my boyfriend will have to ask for my hand from. So, it really hits me hard, there. But then I get to thinking that my mother did absolutely amazing by herself, and my boyfriend and I will most DEFINITELY ask for her blessing when and if we decide to tie the knot, so it also gets to me on that level. I love this song. Good job, Chuck, or whomever wrote it.

  21. I am in my first serious relationship and it kills my Daddy. This song says it reminds him so much of us. When I was little I used to dress up like Cinderella she was always my favorite disney character. When I first heard this song I was in the car with my Dad, and I thought I was goin to cry. This will be my Father-Daughter dance song when I get married. Its amazing!

  22. I just want to say the first time I heard this song I did cry, i am extremely close with my dad he is my whole world and i think this song is beautiful I hope it makes it to become number one!

  23. My husband sobbed when he hears this song. (And so many others)
    We have 4 1/2 year old twin girls who LOVE to play Cinderella every day. Daddy is their Prince Charming right now, and they tell him everyday they are going to marry him when they grow up.

    I have that same relationship with my father. I guess, it never crossed my mind that my big strong Daddy could have felt this way, until I see my big strong husband hiding his tears in the necks of 4 year olds hugging him tight.


  24. This song really hits me hard everytime I hear it! My dad passed away 12 years ago and I think of him and the way he was at my wedding 16 years ago, he couldn’t keep the tears back!

    I think the song is fanstatic, keep up the good work Chuck!


  26. I kinda agree with you about this song basically being “I loved her First” revised….but I have to admit I am a sucker for these father daughter ditties… what can I say I am a daddies girl.

    That being said the more I hear it the more I think maybe a C or C+, I agree its a bit too much.

  27. Remember, everyone, to make sure that you type in all caps, because otherwise we won’t be able to hear you.

    Oh, wait.

  28. Wow – I totally disagree. I sent this song in lyrics to my step daughters and told them that that is exactly how my husband (and I!) feel about our girls. In this harsh world, we need to hang on to the good. There is NOTHING that is not good about this song and it’s sentiment. More Dads need to feel this way and TELL their daughters how much they mean to them!

  29. I disagree – it’s not a great song but it’s much better than fodder such as “I Loved Her First” and “Bless the Broken Road”. I’d give this a B

    “Alyssa Lies” is in a category by itself, a subject hardly ever tackled before and a noteworthy effort

  30. You can basically tell what the entire song’s about just from listening to one verse of the song. All it made me think of was “I Loved Her First”. The fact that Heartland have failed to release another hit makes me wonder if Chuck Wicks will be able to stick around. I’m not a big fan of these sappy songs.

    Grade: C

  31. I love this song…….guess I AM sappy? But, I also loved my daddy who died before I got married, and when my only daughter got married, I wish this song had been around, so she couldv’e danced to it with her daddy. I am going to look for more from Chuck Wicks, he reminds me of Brad Paisley (good lookin, nice voice) because these songs are the ones I have lived by; I give it an “A” for applicable to life…..

  32. I completely disagree with this!! This song and his entire CD is amazing!! Chuck Wicks will definitely be a star because every song on this CD has the potential to be a hit! He is also an AWESOME performer and is one of the sexiest men I have ever seen! I can’t wait to hear more music from him!!!!

  33. I love the vedio ” Stealing Cinderella” it brings tears to my eyes and I want it played at my wedding. Chuck you have writtin a good and loving song and you just touhed my herat and my boyfrined heart to. Every time I see it it makes me cry. I am just so blassed that you wrote that song. I can listien to that song every day. My boyfrined things that song and that vedio with the song was the greatset love song ever. I love you Chuck Wicks thank you for writing that song and making that vedio for the wrold.

    love your fan
    Alicia Coulter

  34. All I have to say is that someone needs to get off of their asses and start writing songs about moms and daughters because not everyone has these realationships with their dads

  35. me and mi dad are really close and i cant wate till i get married because when mi dad walkes me down the ile there will be playing butterfly kisses and when me and mi dad have are father doughter dance this song will be playing because this song brings back so many memories of me and mi dad and i am a tottle daddys girl

  36. Cryssy,

    I’ve always thought that Patty Loveless’ “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye” is a great mother/daughter song.

  37. i love this song…. its amazing it makes me want to cry so much cause its so cute and i jst love it… i hope i can meet u soemday and go to one of your concerts back stage passes i hope 2

  38. this song is AMAZING… it makes me want to cry cause its cute and i cant wait until i get married cause this song will probley pop in my head… i hope someday i can come to one of your concerts and maybe get back stage passes too… well keep up the awsome work

  39. I agree with this review wholeheartedly. Just the kinda cheese that we hear all too often in a country music these days.

    I can’t be the only who cringes at rhyming ‘fella’ with ‘Cinderella’.

  40. i really love this song and i didnt hear it until about two or three weeks into the engagement. I immediately knew that i wanted this song in my wedding. I am wanting to have a man i know to sing the song for me but i am having difficulty finding the sound track for it. I found the karyoke music of stealing cinderella, but Im not sure if it sounds like the origional music. If anyone readig this knows of how i can get this music just let me know by emailing me at or thanks!!!

  41. It’s too sappy for me and I would give it a C-. I prefer Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman for the special father/daughter dance.

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