Clay Walker, “She Likes it in the Morning”

He’s simply a better singer now. Like “Fall” before it, the material isn’t significantly different than his string of hits in the nineties. He’s just singing it better. There’s a seasoning that comes only with time. “She Likes it in the Morning” is executed far too well to be dismissed as radio filler, and Walker’s performance is what makes it work.

There was a time when Walker was considered a “hat act”, an artist who seemed too slight against the older artists on the radio at the time. Now that he’s a veteran himself, the new guys on the block could stand to learn from his example.

Written by Jason Greene & Clay Walker

Grade: B+

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  1. This is a great love song. It feels like he’s whispering in your ear. Every couple should feel this way about each other every day of there life. That’s what makes alasting relationship, working hard to know what each other likes.

  2. I’ve liked a couple of Clay Walker songs in the past, but I caught the video for “Fore She Was Mama” on CMT awhile back. I found it incredibly insulting. I’m through with this artist. Check it out on YouTube if you must. I’m not a big feminist, but why do country males in particular take that road so often?!?!

  3. Seriously, does this guy sing anything fast. Yeah ‘Fore She Was Mama was mid-tempo, but even that wasn’t the most entertaining song. The longer hes a round the slower he gets and while I love the emotion in songs like this that he releases I get the impression Clay must be very boring in concert, hes all slow songs lately.

    As for Lynn’s comment, “‘For She Was Mama” was a song in praise of the younger years. A kid finds out who his mom was before and finally sees her as more than just the boring provider. The video is a horrible interpretation of the song actually.

  4. I would like it if he had some new good up tempo stuff but the fact remains, this dude can sing and has far better vocals than all the top acts in recurrent airplay. In response to Cowboy Blue, Clay is actually great in concert and very up tempo. I wont even respond to Lynn, I will just roll my eyes and hope she enjoyes her painfull listenings to Rascall Flatts

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