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Thanks to Lynn, Country Universe is now on Twitter and we’d like to invite all of our readers to join us there for quick and easy updates. You can follow Country Universe at Twitter to learn about what

reviews we are writing, find out what grades our latest single or album reviews received, or just to receive links to our latest blog entries.

If you are fans of the Country Universe mini-feature Recommend a Track, stop by for our Twitter specific content, which will include updates of what Country Universe writers are listening to along with track and album recommendations.



  1. Glad to know the Facebook page is in the works. I really don’t understand the Twitter buzz, but when we’re at the end of the year, and people are doing reviews and stuff like that, I’m sure Twitter will be at the top of the list and I’m not entirely sure why. For that reason, I’ll wait for the Facebook page and not have to sign up for another site. Still, good to know the social networking Country Universe is being born.

  2. Greg: Facebook is a favorite of mine as well, but I am starting to catch onto Twitter.

    My favorite thing lately is the Facebook button at the bottom of each post. It is really useful if you every share article with people through Facebook. You hit it and it creates an article link that goes into your Facebook newsfeed, along with a thumbnail.

  3. Twitter is pretty fun if you let it be. It can be quite a narcissistic thing to as well, if you don’t keep it fun. Celebrities and artists LOVE it and artists like Jake Owen have even used Twitter to do quick fan appreciation things like having dinner with one lucky fan who responded to his ‘tweet.’ It works well as an easy way to advertise a site’s articles too, which we do at Roughstock.

  4. This twitter thing is huge and I just don’t get it, plus there is no way of knowing if the Twitterer (is that a word) is in fact that person, there have been a lot of impersonater’s.

  5. VP,

    I saw Larry King’s friday broadcast and Ashton Kutcher and Sean Combs (puff daddy, diddy, p diddy whatever) said the twitter folks are working on it.

  6. I thought Carrie has said she doesn’t have a twitter, but I see on you guys’ twitter page that you are following someone with that name. I’m pretty sure her fans would like to know if she has joined twitter and the last info that was available to them was her denial that all of the twitter pages with her name were fake.


    Carrie confirms she does not twitter


    FYI, Carrie posted over at the fan club message board saying that neither she nor Ace has a twitter account.

    its just so easy to impersonate celebrities these days isn’t it? lol hopefully many of you saw the little hints and didn’t think that account was hers

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