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100 Greatest Women, #76: SHeDaisy

April 18, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 14

100 Greatest Women ong> #76 SHeDaisy When SHeDaisy hit the scene in 1999, they seemed like a quirky pop-country hybrid, two parts Shania Twain and one part Dixie Chicks. From the beginning, they were used

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Dixie Chicks, “The Long Way Around”

January 9, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 16

Dixie Chicks, “The Long Way Around” The Chicks pen and deliver their very own emancipation proclamation with this phenomenal single. Opening with an acoustic guitar hook that borrows heavily from “Go Your Own Way”, the

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Top Twelve Songs about America

July 4, 2005 Kevin John Coyne 2

We’ve been a bit overwhelmed in country music with patriotic songs since 9/11, and many of them have the stench of expolitation, poor taste, or just plain bad songwriting. In my opinion, the best songs

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