Single Reviews: August 17, 2006

BOB SEGER, “Wait For Me”

Why is this being released to country radio? It’s not even good rock, let alone good country.

CAROLYN DAWN JOHNSON, “Love & Negotiation”

Why does she sound so shrill? She’s usually a much better singer than this.

CHRIS YOUNG, “Drinkin’ Me Lonely”

A decent “regret-filled drunk” ballad.

CRAIG MORGAN, “Little Bit of Life”

How about a little bit of shush?


Their earlier work was overproduced. This new single lets their talent shine through. Unforunately, they don’t have much.

ERIC CHURCH, “Two Pink Lines”

A surprisingly entertaining song about waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. We need more records like this.

GARY NICHOLS, “Unbroken Ground”

He needs to catch his breath before recording. The song isn’t too bad, but the performance sinks it.


Not up to his usual standard.

JASON ALDEAN, “Amarillo Sky”

Cool tale of a struggling farmer. This guy’s good.

JO DEE MESSINA, “It’s Too Late To Worry”

It’s too late to fix the damage, but the songs that would’ve been hits from this album were “Where Were You” and “Love Is Not Enough.” Curb botched this one.


This is awesome, one of the best singles of his career. Follow up with the title cut, which is even better, and he’ll be two steps closer to the Hall of Fame.

LEANN RIMES, “Some People”

Rimes has certainly matured, hasn’t she? She’s such a confident, assured artist now. Her vocal is flawless and the material is solid. Keep the great music coming.

TOBY KEITH, “Crash Here Tonight”

He’s never sounded better, and he’s finally recording adult and sophisticated material again. Play this and all those horrible “boot in your ass” memories will melt away.


A train wreck.


  1. 1. Bob Seger? Oh yeah, “Like a rock …”

    2. Carolyn Dawn Johnson: Never cared much for her work. Sorry.

    3. Chris Young: Haven’t heard this yet.

    4. Craig Morgan: Awww man, I like Craig. This isn’t his best but still good.

    5. Emerson Drive, Eric Church and Gary Nichols … I like ’em all.

    6. Jack Ingram: I disagree. I think it’s a clever country-rocker. I like this guy’s work.

    7. Jason Aldean: Amarillo, one of the most popular cities in country music. In Aldean’s case, he nails it. I expect he has a great career ahead of him.

    8. Jo Dee, Kenny and LeAnn … not crazy about any of them. Still, I’ll listen to them.

    9. Toby Keith: I expected “Grain of Salt” to be the next single, very end of summer. “Crash Here Tonight” would’ve been better towards fall and winter. Just my opinion.

    10. Trace Adkins: “Swing.” It’s stupid but fun. I mean, c’mon, he’s a pitchman for the Waffle House.

  2. I think you’re letting your political viewpoints influence your objectivity in reviewing singles. The Craig Morgan single isn’t his best but it’s okay. Similarly, you seem to be fawning over the tracks on the current Dixie Chicks album, the weakest of their CDs (and I have them all going back to THANK HEAVENS FOR DALE EVANS)

    I do agree that Carolyn Dawn Johnson needs to quit shrieking. It seems to me that she has a decent voice , if only she will learn to use it

    The Eric Church CD is excellent throughout

  3. seems to me that singles reviews have been in a similar format since this website’s inception, and crap in Kevin’s opinion gets called out as such.

  4. Yeah, I love the Dixie Chicks album. So I fawn over it as such. Craig Morgan sucks, in my humble opinion. I’ve heaped way too much praise on Lee Ann Womack and Sara Evans for me to have a political litmus test. Actually, I rave about Toby Keith’s latest single in the same post.

    It just basically comes down to my personal taste. Politics have nothing to do with it.

  5. You people are really insane. Carolyn Dawn Johnson is one of the finest TALENTS we’ve seen in a long time. She’s one of the few who can walk on a stage with a guitar…no production…and still captivate you for 60-90 minutes. Pull the cotton out of your ears!!!

  6. Yes, but this is a review of the record with production, not an acoustic performance. I think the record sounds horrible, and noted that she usually sounds much better than this. Her ability to perform on stage has nothing to do with reviewing a record.

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