Review: Sugarland, “Settlin'”

Sugarland, “Settlin'”

Lead singer Jennifer Nettles is absolutely on fire here, turning in a scorching performance that almost makes you forget that this is basically a rewrite of “Something More”, right down to the obligatory “red wine” reference. Kristian Bush helps elevate the song toward the end; he should be showcased on their records more often.

Grade: B

Listen: Settlin’

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5 Comments on Review: Sugarland, “Settlin'”

  1. I like the song a little bit but the song really is a little boring but i like it a little. Jennifer really takes the spotlight on all of Sugarland’s songs. Sugarland is supposed to be a duo, not solo.I give it a B-

  2. Why isn’t there a link on this song?

  3. Am I the only person on the planet who has to change the channel when I hear a Sugarland song? Her voice is just soooooo annoying! But nobody seems to think so but me.

  4. fortunately, tammy, fortunately.

  5. Tammy, you’re not the only one. Gosh Jennifer’s voice is annoying. Hurts my ears.

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