Review: Sugarland, “Settlin'”

Sugarland, “Settlin'”

Lead singer Jennifer Nettles is absolutely on fire here, turning in a scorching performance that almost makes you forget that this is basically a rewrite of “Something More”, right down to the obligatory “red wine” reference. Kristian Bush helps elevate the song toward the end; he should be showcased on their records more often.

Grade: B

Listen: Settlin’


  1. I like the song a little bit but the song really is a little boring but i like it a little. Jennifer really takes the spotlight on all of Sugarland’s songs. Sugarland is supposed to be a duo, not solo.I give it a B-

  2. Am I the only person on the planet who has to change the channel when I hear a Sugarland song? Her voice is just soooooo annoying! But nobody seems to think so but me.

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