Reba McEntire featuring Kelly Clarkson, “Because of You”

Reba McEntire featuring Kelly Clarkson, “Because of You”

“Because of You” is one of my favorite pop songs of the past few years, a dark and powerful ballad of family dysfunction. I was nervous when I heard about this becoming a duet, but it had the potential to be reworked into an interesting mother/daughter confrontation. McEntire is one of the strongest vocalists in the history of recorded music, and God knows she could pull this off on her own and make it a country classic. Unfortunately, she chose to make this a duet without changing the viewpoints of the song. McEntire sings the first verse, and then Clarkson takes the second. The end result is the song doesn’t make any sense, and is just confusing to listen to.

Stick with the original, and pray that this is the worst thing that McEntire’s promising duets project has to offer.

Grade: C-

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  1. I thought it was a great preformance by Reba. She did a great job, and it is really goin to be a big hit. She really didn’t even need Kelly.

  2. I don’t get the point of it myself. It not a duet…its Kelly doing backup. There really should have been a more back/forth between them

    This whole duets project just sounds like a dud to me. I think she could have come up with way more interesting and worthwhile people then those she picked.

  3. I find it a little strange that you dislike this song because it has a confusing duet, yet you give high praise to Tim McGraw’s debut with Faith Hill even though they coincidentally both have an Uncle Joe in Oklahoma who needs the rain.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both songs, and it looks like you know a lot more about music than I do, but I just thought I’d point that out.

  4. My interpretation of the Reba/KElly duet is that Reba overpowered and overshadowed Kelly’s voice and stage presence. It is true, Reba doesn’t need Kelly: She’s a monster of a performer. I would have liked the song better if Reba sang it herself.

  5. Kent,
    You make a good point, in that I did do the Scooby Doo “Huh?” thing when I heard the chorus repeat. But there’s so much tension and sexual energy between the two that it didn’t matter much. The Reba/Kelly thing just didn’t make sense to me, and since I already liked the song as a solo, it didn’t add anything either. And the video is creepy – what’s up with Reba singing as she combs Kelly’s hair?

  6. I absolutely hate this song. First of all, as J.T. said, this isn’t a duet; it’s Kelly singing back-up. It’s one of the most confusing “duets” I’ve ever listened to. Reba sings 90% of the lines while Kelly does back-up, occassionally doing a few solo lines. Second of all, this is simply a pure pop ballad converted to sound country. Third, the song sucks. It’s bland, overplayed, and not worthy of earning Reba a female vocalist nomination. If Reba wants to break back into country music, do it with some new material, not some Kelly Clarkson song. Sure, Reba may be regarded as a legend, but give me a break. Giving her a CMA nomination for this pop single is a disgrace to the other working and touring females in music today.

  7. I like the song as a duet, the video is really strong, it isn’t a mother daughter thing but one friend learning from the mistakes of the other, sure there is an age diiscrepancy. Maybe, the difference is that I heard the duet version first and didn’t have preconceived notions about the song.


  9. OMGoooooooooooooood!!.. :|
    This is the BeeeeeeSt of the BeeeeeeeSt Songzz Evaa :|
    Touching my Soul!!
    i’m feeling it every word in this Song is pretty Imazing!!!
    God i love Kelly and Reba until Death!!
    you can’t imagine How Much I did cry from this Song!!!
    it’s Not any Song it’s Kelly’s..
    and Thaxx Soooo Much.. I’ll listen to this song for Years and years ans years ..:)


  10. i think it was a very good song. forget about what you’ve had in mind about reba and kelly,listen to the song. it almost tears you apart. whther its a mother/daughter relationship, or just two friends, it sounded as though nothing else on earth mattered at the moment.nothing else but the chance to vent and let it all out. just listen to it!

  11. I saw them do the song live in dayton.ohio thursday night They brought the house down.The sold out croud loved it.

  12. I think this is an amazing song and it does make sence you just have to be smart enough to comprehend it. I didn’t get it at first either but just listen and watch it a few times and hopefully you’ll understand.

  13. I love this song it does make sence. and remember Kelly agreed to let Reba do the song”90% of the time” I love it it really shows alot of emotion and just listen to it it’s amazing.Listen to the words don’t worry about who sings it although they do a GREAT job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I really like the song but will admit that it can be confusing, especially if you’ve heard the original. Plus the video adds to the “wha?” factor.
    But I really like the performances so I just kinda listen to it and tell myself not to overthink it.

    I did notice that they left out an entire verse at the end.

  15. Jake: The song was originally done by Kelly, so Reba would be the redundant one if that was the case. I absolutely love this song and am glad they did it together my only regret is that they left out my favorite verse. And whoever made it at the top: What didn’t you get about the ending? Kelly was being abused by her alcoholic whatever he was in the video and Reba took the part of a bystander who is trying to help Kelly, but like with most abusive relationships it is hard for the woman to leave due to the fear she expierences.

  16. Micheal: Like I said before, Kelly originally sang it and before it was about her mother and father fighting all the time and her dad walking out on them. She watched her mom die more and more every day. It doesn’t matter what a song sounds like, it is the lyrics that make the song look at Lady Gaga she has no talent except writing. “Because of You” is a life lesson not a song.

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