Gretchen Wilson, "Don't Do Me No Good"

I don't think I've ever heard Gretchen Wilson rock out quite this much. There's a driving energy to “Don't Do Me No Good” that is relentless, and it helps gloss over the fact that once again, Wi

lson's material is not quite up to par.

This would make for decent album filler, but it's not distinctive or interesting enough to really stand out among her singles to date.

Grade: B

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2 Responses to Gretchen Wilson, "Don't Do Me No Good"

  1. JessnaNo Gravatar

    I’m addicted to this song. I heard it and found myself singing it over and over. A couple days later I heard it again and I ended up getting it for my MP3 player. Now it’s the song on my myspace. Seems to be taking over without me realizing it. That’s a song!

  2. MuzikNo Gravatar

    I love this song! It’s a “A” in my book!