Ronnie McDowell, “Hey Mr. Oilman”

You have to hand it to Ronnie McDowell.  He never misses an opportunity to capitalize on what’s going on in the world around him.    He launched his career with “The King is Gone”, a tribute to Elvis Presley released in the wake of his death.   When the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” was suddenly popular again thanks to the film Ghost, McDowell recorded the song himself and had a moderate hit with it.     When the line dance craze was peaking in 1993, he did his best to get in on the action, releasing the gotta-hear-it-to-believe-it “Yippy Ti-Yi-Yo.”

Now, McDowell is back with “Hey Mr. Oilman”, his plea with the oil barons to give hard-working Americans a break and lower gas prices.   It’s earnest and sincere, in the end, and at many points, unintentionally hilarious.   But hey, it’s still more entertaining than most of what’s on country radio today.   Listen and enjoy.

Written by Ronnie McDowell

Grade: B-

Listen: Hey. Mr Oilman


  1. Good song, I think we should all help boost it to #1. That way, maybe someone in Washington would wake up and enforce a tax on the unfair profits of the oil campanies and put the money into exploration and production of oil to bring the price back down.

  2. I THINK THE SONG IS BRILLIANT! Ronnie is such a talented entertainer and is a legend in country music! He has had 18 top 10 hits spanning his carieer and is still touring like crazy! We follow him every chance we get and he can still pack ’em in! Not to many entertainers from hin genre can still do what he’s doing and be on a major record label such as CURB. He’s a great person and so talented, I only wish people who write these litte “articles” knew what they were doing and saying. They need to get their facts straight before writing such nonsense. And by the way… What are your top 10 hits? “That’s what we thought!”

  3. lift oil drilling ban in the United States and the price of a barrel will drop like it did after the president lifted this week (congress needs to lift there ban also) – then once we start drilling our own oil – that 400 billion a year (over 2 billion a day) we send to other countries – can be used developing our own alterative sources

  4. I think it’s a great song. It does need to be played on the radio. Ronnie does a great job no matter what he sings. I’ve seen him three times and hope to see hm again, He puts on a fantastic show and you don’t have to pay an arm and leg to see him. Way to go Ronnie. You can see him for the price of five gallons of gas.

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