The Road Hammers, “I’ve Got The Scars To Prove It”

“I’ve Got The Scars To Prove It” begins with a somewhat ominous electric guitar intro that is likely meant to set the tone for the bombastic lyrics. As a result of his recklessness, the singer proclaims that he’s essentially been banged up a time or two and has the scars to prove it, due to the fact that he “had a strong right hand and wasn’t afraid to use it”

The Road Hammer’s Lead singer, Jason McCoy, delivers a solid vocal performance that sounds intriguing enough. Using the lower register of his voice in the verses, his vocal helps to enhance the images of the well worn man that the song is attempting to portray.

Unfortunately, the song’s content feels like an amalgamation of Jake Owens’s “Startin’ With Me” (“I’m a big Jerk.”), Chris Knight’s “It Ain’t Easy Being Me” (“I’m a big self sabotaging jerk.”) and several Montgomery Gentry tunes “I’m a jerk, so what do ya think about that?”). In fact, come to think of it, the song as a whole sounds like something that was specifically intended for Montgomery Gentry to record.

Ultimately, what ruins the song is that rather than conveying regret or truly reflecting on the darker nature of his character, which is the likely purpose of the song, an unbecoming prideful tone pervades it instead: “Now and then regrets may find me/But these marks are here to remind me/Where I went wrong/What made me strong/And how I moved on.”

While the song is relatively sonically pleasing, that’s not enough to advance it to something of substance, which is the obvious intent of the composition.

Grade: B-

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7 Responses to The Road Hammers, “I’ve Got The Scars To Prove It”

  1. Stephen H.No Gravatar

    I really wish their cover of “Girl on the Billboard” had done more on the charts.

  2. Greg

    These guys are so big in Canada…I can’t believe they can’t make it in the American market. But they should have released other singles like “I’m a roadhammer” or “eastbound and down”

    hopefully something picks up for them. They are a great band.

  3. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Actually, I like this band too. I own their album and everything. And like I said, the song sounds good, but it lacks something once it’s broken down. I’m still pulling for them though.

  4. TomNo Gravatar

    i like the “jerk-parts” of your review, i agree with the montgomery gentry comparison and i enjoy the tune, it’s sonically quite pleasing, indeed. you didn’t leave any nails sticking out.

  5. They’ve made an impact in Americana music, not Pop. They’re not a Pop band.

  6. KelliNo Gravatar

    My father wrote this song with Jason, and i think it is the perfect song for anyone who has ever struggled with a relationship or life itself. It is amazing.

  7. Thanks for the interesting post. I am a big fan of this band but wish they did better in stores. I hope they put out more music in the future.