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Discussion: Recommend a Track

October 31, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 18

Earlier this week, I’d planned on talking about an Iris Dement track for this weekly discussion thread.  Then some poking around on iTunes led me to discover something else entirely. I love iTunes because it

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Adam Gregory, “What It Takes”

October 31, 2008 Guest Contributor 14

At just twenty-three years old, Adam Gregory has built a following in Nashville based on a soulful vocal style and a strong dose of melody. His first single, “Crazy Days,” dinted the charts, and now he’s

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Hank Williams III, “Six Pack of Beer”

October 31, 2008 Dan Milliken 6

A breakneck, banjo-riffic hoedown with a commanding vocal, seamless chorus, brilliantly minimalistic lyric, and friggin’ sweet instrumental break. That’s the closest I can come to explaining this wonder of a record, which marries the art

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Old Crow Medicine Show, "Mary's Kitchen"

October 30, 2008 Dan Milliken 5

Meh. Old Crow have become a cult favorites by way of raucous roots revivals that often bulldoze the boundaries of proper content and delivery, but you probably wouldn’t get that just from this record. Sure,

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Jeremy McComb, “Cold”

October 30, 2008 Dan Milliken 7

Ah, developing niches. Newbie McComb had an solid debut playing the passively frustrated lonely guy in “This Town Needs a Bar,” and now he reprises the role in this buzzed-about follow-up. Fair enough. The song

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Discussion: Artist of the Decade?

October 30, 2008 Guest Contributor 34

Earlier today, the Academy of Country Music announced that George Strait would be its Artist of the Decade. Only four other acts have been honored as artist of the decade: Marty Robbins in 1969, Loretta

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Discussion: YouTube Classics

October 29, 2008 Kevin John Coyne 8

There are few things more entertaining than browsing through old country music clips on YouTube.  While preparing my review for the new Reba McEntire collection, I found this chestnut from 1987: I’ve always been a

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