Hank Williams III, “Six Pack of Beer”

A breakneck, banjo-riffic hoedown with a commanding vocal, seamless chorus, brilliantly minimalistic lyric, and friggin’ sweet instrumental break. That’s the closest I can come to explaining this wonder of a record, which marries the art of traditional country to the musical libido of rock ‘n’ roll and ends up with something that is just carelessly, audaciously cool.

The relentless pace is more than a little jarring at first, which threatens to make the piece sound less controlled than it is, and the story sure isn’t going to change anyone’s life – but when frivolity is this much fun, who the heck cares? I’ve dismissed Hank III as gimmicky in the past, but will gladly eat those words right now; what he’s written here is easily one of the most infectious singles of the year, and a sure indication that his musical merit stretches well beyond the pedigree.

Written by Shelton Hank Williams III

Grade: A-

Listen: Six Pack of Beer (Note that the clip quality is especially poor, so if it sounds like something you might like, try Rhapsody or just take the plunge and buy it to get the real experience).

Buy: Six Pack of Beer


  1. Hank III is hit and miss for me. One minute I love him and then he’ll just go too far for me. I like this one though. I think my favorite album of his Rising Outlaw. There were some things on Straight To Hell that embarrass me too much to allow to come up on my shuffle with company around and there are a couple of songs from Damn Right, Rebel Proud that do the same thing.

    I really think Hank III’s voice and sound is closer to his grandfather’s than Hank Jr. if one can get past the crassness and shock value that III includes in his stuff. I love his voice and his production tastes.

  2. I feel the same way about III, Leeann, and I have to admit that it took me a while to muster up the courage to sit down and listen through a full album of his. He kind of scares me a little, not gonna lie.

  3. Yeah, he scares me a little too. When I bought his albums, I thought “hey, he can’t be that bad; I like his sound from the clips. I don’t mind a few explatives…”. However, it was scarier/disturbing than I even anticipated.

  4. This is just what I expect from Tricephus, and wouldn’t have is any other way! I like the idea that he scares people(I think he does too). Some very hot guitar work in this one too. Btw…The CD”Damn Right Rebel Proud” is getting plenty of airplay. It’s currently at #21 on this weeks AMA Chart. For those of you who like this sound, but not the crassness or scary stuff. You may want to check out Wayne “The Train” Hancock. Some call him the 21st Century Hank Williams. You decide. http://www.myspace.com/waynehancock

  5. I actually don’t mind the darker shades on the record and his others. I get a little tired of the overplaying of the “outlaw card.” I get it, he drinks and smokes fights and and raises hell and takes drugs, alot. He’s a good artist and I think if he lives long enough, he’ll put out more than one classic record. Maybe the years will filter out the crap.

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