Discussion: Gimme a Break!

I love my job.  I love going to school.  I love teaching religious education.   But this was one of those weeks where the teaching, the classes, and the supplementary professional development workshops became a little overwhelming.   Earlier today, one of my graduate classes ended.  I loved the class, but it’s nice to have my Saturdays back.    I need a break!

Thankfully, my amazing writing staff has made my absence unnoticeable, but as I make my return, I’m thinking tonight about songs that capture that “I need a break” feeling.   Here are some of my favorites:

Keith Urban, “Raining on Sunday”


John Conlee is always good.


And just because it’s my site and I can indulge in my favorite non-country artist:


What are your favorite “Gimme a Break!” songs?


  1. John Conlee sitting alongside Madonna. Whodda thunkit?

    Rosanne Cash & John Haitt – One Step Over The Line

  2. Tift Merritt–“Sunday” (from her 2002 debut album Bramble Rose).

    Because, as she sings, “Sunday is nobody’s business.”

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