Jake Owen, “Eight Second Ride”

Jake OwenA work of fantasy, where Owen meets a girl who is happy to not only tolerate all of his idiosyncrasies, but actively embrace them.  He doesn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting here. She simply appears and wants to go with him because he’s a real country boy with large tires on his truck and a spit cup for his chew.

Usually, we hear a young guy with a thin voice singing a song like this with too much intensity, making an implausible situation sound completely impossible. But thankfully, Owen actually sounds like a guy who would have a big truck with a spit cup in it.  His confident vocal betrays no eager excitement, just a cool and collected acceptance of the situation. Of course she wants to go with me, it says, and she’s welcome to do so, as long as she doesn’t get in the way of my spit cup.

It would have been an insufferable record in the wrong hands, but Owen’s performance makes it quite enjoyable. The arrangement doesn’t hurt either, with a cool acoustic intro and a southern rock flavor throughout.

Written by Jake Durrance and Jake Owen

Grade: B+

Listen: Eight Second Ride


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9 Comments on Jake Owen, “Eight Second Ride”

  1. If I were a woman, and a guy tried to seduce me like Jake does here, I wouldn’t hesitate to kick him in the nuts.

  2. Oh, and the spit cup mention? Nasty.

  3. lol, Erik.

    But this song is pure fantasy and it’s good to see another person seeing it as that instead of taking it or Jake too seriously.

  4. I like everything about this song except for the spit cup line. That’s so disgusting (coming from someone who dipped a bit in his youth but gags at the thought now) I can’t even listen to the song.

  5. Decent song, but I don’t think it should’ve been the follow up with so many other good songs to choose from.

  6. Not my favorite Owen song but its ok. I just don’t understand why it was put on both albums he has released. I’ve heard him do a few other songs live that really deserve to be on albums, including a song called, “I wanna kiss you good morning”.

  7. TiffanyNo Gravatar // July 22, 2009 at 4:25 pm //

    He does have better lyrically written songs out there such as Easy Does It or Anything For You….but he wanted to put out a fun, rockin song!!!! He admits this song doesn’t have much depth lyrically but thats alright with his fans because when he walks out singing this, you are praying he looks at you and says these few little words!!! So ROCK JAKE ROCK ON!!!

  8. Also, both the man and the woman in this song seem kinda skanky.

  9. This song is the bomb diggity or dippity!!!

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