Bomshel, “19 and Crazy”

bomshelAt the intersection of Taylor Swift’s present-tense teenage angst and Kenny Chesney’s trademark “those were the good old days” rememberings of carefree youth, you’ll find the new Bomshel single.

They’re old enough to be looking back on being 19 and crazy, but aren’t quite so old that those days seem completely idyllic. There’s a refreshing perspective here that those days were just stepping stones toward becoming who they are today. While they seem to say that they’d love to be 19 and crazy forever, the fact that they’re already figuring out how to explain that tattoo to their future children suggests that they’re not quite so eager to turn back the hands of time.

The song has an incessant driving beat that straddles the fence between urgency and just plain annoyingly fast. Also, like just about all the B-list singles out there these days, there’s far too much going on in the production. It would be nice to see more producers in Nashville show their confidence in the artist and the song by easing down on the clutter, but you’d have to be 19 and crazy to think that has a chance of happening.

Grade: B

Listen: 19 and Crazy

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16 Comments on Bomshel, “19 and Crazy”

  1. Well, that was pretty awful. Easily the worst song I’ve heard today.

  2. dixie chicks….. come back….please.

  3. …and the spice girls!

  4. you have the wrong picture of BOMSHEL

  5. Wow that was bad. agree Johny

  6. @ april:
    it’s not an eye-thing – it’s an ear-thing.

  7. you have the wrong picture of BOMSHEL

    They ought to change their name to STINKBOM.

  8. …a nose-thing?

  9. An assault on all the senses thing.

  10. i LOVE this song. What a great follow up of their debut single “Fight Like a Girl”. It’s nice to hear some refreshing new music out there. Bomshel rocks, and they will forever have a fan here.

  11. Why is it that no matter what song is reviewed, when you look at the comment section it’s always the same people with the same NEGATIVE remarks no matter who the artist is? Maybe it’s time for you few to try some other type of music.Really people….it’s music..meant to be enjoyed and have fun.That’s the great thing about radio,,you don’t like it…there’s always many more channels. 19 and Crazy is a fun song! Parents and teenagers will be able to relate to this song.Way to go ladies..another great song!!
    P.S. It’s time to change the picture of BOMSHEL. That was from 3 years ago.

  12. i love them….

  13. Janell in PhoenixNo Gravatar // September 29, 2009 at 1:16 pm //

    I saw them lastnight @ walmart and I thoroughly enjoyed all the songs they performed, this is a gr8 song! Some people just want 2 b miserable! And yea the picture does not hav the current Bomshel! It wud b nice for this review 2 at least show the right girls! Love u Kristy and Kelley

  14. …a nose-thing?

  15. bomshel rocks….

  16. I’ve just rediscovered this, and am loving it – a total guilty pleasure!

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