Tim McGraw, “Southern Voice”

tim_mcgrawFile this under great moments of incongruity:

Tim McGraw records an entire song celebrating the “Southern Voice” by listing the contributions of everyone from Jerry Lee Lewis to Rosa Parks against a musical backdrop that is virtually indistinguishable from the New Jersey sound of mid-80s E Street Band.

Perhaps there’s an intended reference in the production to the pollination of art and culture that goes back and forth over the Mason-Dixon line. More likely, Tim and his band just like to rock it out. The list of names included is so broad that it’s hard to discern any larger message here other than “Hey! We’re from the south! We rule!”

And hey, collectively, the people he mentions do indeed rule, making this a reasonable exercise in regional pride. I can see the slide show behind him at this year’s CMA show already.

Grade: B

Listen: Southern Voice


  1. I wasn’t a fan of “It’s a Business…” so I’m diggin’ this sound a little bit more. Still, if the first two singles are any indication, I probably won’t be rushing out to grab the new album.

  2. “I can see the slide show behind him at this year’s CMA show already.” No doubt. So far I would give it a B+ but we will have to see how much staying power it has.
    Why do I ALWAYS have to upgrade my media player when I try and listen to something on these sites?
    try charbusterkaraoke.com

  3. I love- Southern Voice- ans the histoery it takes me. Tim McGraw is a awesome artist, singer and performer. No standing still at a Tim McGraw concert, he takes you for a ride with him. Once you go to his concert, your thinking of weeks later, and can’t wait till the next one. Thank You Tim!!!

  4. What happened to “It’s a Business Doing Pleasure…”?

    From what I can tell, it stalled outside the Top 15. For that, there’s got to be a reason. Songs don’t just race up the chart then immediately stop somewhere in the Top 20 without a reason.

  5. Thats funny Kevin! I just heard this song on the radio and thought the same thing about the slideshow at the CMA’s…Clint Black had a song in the 90’s with a million country artists mentioned – however, Tim can do no wrong with me, and the fact that he mentions that red-hot mama Dolly only makes me like the song more –

    and JoeB – I think “Business” went #1 for a couple weeks…but a song is removed from the charts after a certain number of weeks even if it still getting significant airplay…someone might know more about this (Kevin?)…

  6. Doesn’t anyone have a problem with the bridge of this song? Is it just me or doesn’t “Jesus is my friend; America is my home” sound awkward and out-of-place? Also “It’s A Business Doing Pleasure With You” ripped off the cadence of BTO’s Takin care Of Business (Listen to both first verses back to back…)

  7. I love Tim and all his wonderful music. this is his best album by far. It’s a business only made it to no.13 on the charts. and I loved it. dont know why others didnt. but they have that right.he is a wonderful entertainer and does keep you on your feet when you go to his concerts.

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