Gloriana, “How Far Do You Wanna Go?”

GlorianaIt’s hard not to at least mildly enjoy “How Far Do You Wanna Go?”. It’s catchy. It has a feel-good vibe, and the authentic kind that’s missing from many of the upbeat singles released by mainstream country artists these days. It pulses with a palpable energy, making the song quite infectious – and very appropriately complementing the “let’s leave this town and never look back” storyline.

It’s also hard to ignore the clunky production in the chorus –I don’t mind prominent rock flavoring in country music when it’s done effectively, but I’m not so sure that’s the case with this song– and the not-so-tight harmonies.  And I’d be remiss not to mention the song’s striking similarities to Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way,” particularly the melody and phrasing of the verses. Considering the group has cited Fleetwood Mac as one of its major influences, this isn’t exactly surprising – but it is a little… off-putting.

All that aside, the most interesting thing about “How Far Do You Wanna Go?” is that it embodies a sweet balance of free-spirit and maturity, a stark contrast to the purely youthful “Wild at Heart.” I think this quality is a sign of potential, and actually notably sets the group apart from its counterparts in the industry.

Written by Danny Myrick, Matt Serletic & Jeffrey Steele

Grade: B-

Listen: How Far Do You Wanna Go?



  1. I pretty much agree. I was considering reviewing this myself, and although I find the song kind of structurally awkward with the repeating melodic line, I knew it would grow on me eventually. I’m among those who think Gloriana’s sound is too slick, but I really buy into their recorded presence – both their singles so far sound like campfire chants conducted by the FernGully fairies, and I dig that. Plus I just have a sweet tooth for upbeat escapist songs like this. I wouldn’t call it country music, though.

  2. brian adams, jon bon jovi or perhaps keith urban or the lost trailers missed a great tune. nice pop/rock. country, it’ain’t but hey, who cares when it sounds that good.

  3. I’ve listened to this song and “Wild at Heart” a few times on Gloriana’s MySpace. I agree that this group may have some potential as Ms. Seetharam suggests, but these songs just didn’t do anything for me.

  4. Dan, I actually don’t like the “chant” feel Gloriana’s vocals have…to me, it just sounds like harmonies that need to be tightened.

    That said, I enjoy upbeat escapist songs as well, and these four really know how to infuse a very genuine, feel-good vibe into their music.

  5. I think my issue with this song (and Gloriana in general), is that there sound is too slick. For me, overproduction and too much harmony makes them sound like a choir, not a band.

    They are probably very talented, but that conclusion will be harder to reach if they do not start recording less-produced, tight material.

    I really like Lady A’s sound, but I think they were somewhat guilty of that on “I Run To You” and “Lookin For A Good Time.” The song had a good sound, and it was enjoyable enough, but after awhile the harmonies seem to blend into one sound, thus taking away a potentially unique song.

  6. There’s really far too much volume in Gloriana’s sound; they’re trying too hard to sound rock, and at the same time they don’t quite grasp what made their rock forebears (Fleetwood Mac, for instance) so appealing. That said, it’s still early in the game for them; there’s always room for improvement.

  7. Wow, I forgot “How Far Do You Wanna Go?” came out almost two years ago! I’m not a big fan of country but I’ve always liked this song. I was listening to the Glee version of “Go Your Own Way” and I had it on repeat, when I started wanting to sing part of another song’s chorus…it took me ALL day to remember it but I remembered it was for Gloriana’s song!! Then of course I searched Google and found this. Ahh! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one to find similarities between the songs.

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