Billy Currington, “That’s How Country Boys Roll”

BillyCurringtonIt’s always disappointing when a good song is tainted by mundane lyrics, and I fear that’s the case with “That’s How Country Boys Roll.” Like most of Currington’s singles, the song –lyrics aside– is charming and endearing, and the vocal performance rich and distinct.

But we come away from the song learning what, exactly, about country boys? That they like fishing, suped up cars and working real hard? Granted, there are a few deeper messages in the mix, but none are expressive enough to actually paint a picture of a multi-dimensional country boy.

Of course, I’d much rather have Currington tell me how country boys roll than have Jason Aldean preach to me how country girls roll… but then again, I’d much rather hear Alan Jackson’s genuine story of a small town southern man than listen to either. In the pack of “country folks” songs, “That’s How Country Boys Roll” sits somewhere in the middle. It’s inoffensive and unmoving – and that’s disheartening, because with one of the most interesting voices in country music, Currington’s capable of so much more.

Written by Billy Currington, Dallas Davidson & Brett Jones

Grade: C+

Listen: That’s How Country Boys Roll



  1. I gave this album a very low grade and cited this song as one of the worst on it, though it did have stiff competition. I think it may have been reaching for the turnip greens crowd, but lacks the charm of “Good Directions” by a lot. Furthermore, like the Aldean song, he’s discussing country-ness without sounding particularly country. I agree that Currington’s good, and even unique, voice is being wasted here.

  2. To me these songs are all bastards of ” A Country Boy Can Survive.” The fact that performers like Currington, Aldean, Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, and who ever country execs think is pretty enough to sell, all have sung similar songs shows the covert contempt that these execs( and maybe the singers) have for the average country music listener. They think that this kind of song gives them some sort outlaw connection that is so misguided. The reason Alan Jackson is better at these songs( although” I’m Country Boy” is a little cheap) is that he not trying to establish himself, but just being himself. Too bad these young male singers are so afraid to be themselves. Fame is more important than self which only makes these songs so less impressive.

  3. I like the song. Some songs are just meant to be fun. It’s upbeat and and I enjoy listening to it. I like that LBOE has a vareity of songs that are different. You certainly can not accuse the songs on that album for sounding the same.

  4. angie, i think you’re makeing a good point here. on it’s own this song is not a smash but in the context of the whole album it works quite nicely.
    in fact, “little bit of everything” is nowhere near as bad an effort as leeann’s review suggests – in fact, it’s simply what the title says.
    the strength of his music is that it sounds kind of effortlessly easy on the ear with that amount of depth that for example kenny chesney is still desperately looking for, after all these years.
    on today’s country radio, billy currington’s songs are among the most likeable ones.

  5. C+ is a generous grade – I’d give it a C and feel a little uneasy about being so lenient. I don’t mind the song but its not worth repeated listenings

  6. I like the song. I saw Dallas Davidson, Brett Jones (co-writers) and Billy play it down in Key West just after they wrote it. I thought it’d be a hit then and I still think so now that its been released. The entire crowd at the bar was singing the chorus after only the first go around. The lyrics don’t have some hidden meaning as far as I can tell, other than perhaps up dating the country genre a bit; but I think they all did a very nice job of putting this one together. Billy has a great voice and this album is helping to cement his position as the real deal.

  7. Currington forgot a few things about how country boys “roll:” They may work hard, but they often lack ambition. They may be nice, but they are still too often racist, homophobic, and prejudiced based on religion. And so many are poorly educated (going to the weakest of colleges, probably no graduate school, and rarely at a top 10 program in their fields) or just plain stupid. Quite a few get their teenage girlfriends pregnant. I’ve had to deal with too many “country boys” in my life. In general, they aren’t an admirable species.

    They like driving their cars fast and suping up their cars because they are morons who can’t figure out something better to do with their time than show off their cheap, unsophisticated and tasteless “suped up” cars.

    Its not just the country that has these problems. But “Country Boys” seem to have more than their fair share of these issues.

    There may be a few decent country boys out there. But if country people like and listen to junk like this, well, that only supports my argument about their low cultural standards.

    I wish country music would head in a more sophisticated, more pop oriented direction, and leave the “Im a hick and proud and I like Bonfires” song to some other genre. Its a shame that decent pop music, like that of Shania, Faith, Martina, Taylor, has to get degraded by being associated with such culturally backward junk.

  8. oh come this is just a fun song!!!! give the man some credit. he’s awesome in concert and deserves more credit for his music and voice and awesome videos than he does!!!! i love it!!!!!

  9. Most of you all are crazy…if you like Pop so much listen to pop…I like this song for what it is FUN!!! a country boy loves to fish and drive fast cars or what ever. He’s basically honest and he may not be in the top ten of whatever but he doesn’t care about it though either. Go get yourself one of those nerds mandy and then ten years from now we’ll hear you compaining about how he can’t get things done in the bedroom huh?

  10. This song is sooooooooo cool it has a good beat and definitely fun. Mandy I don’t know what your problem is but not all “country boys” are bad. And FYI Mandy the northern states have a higher rate of teen pregnancy and one income family…than southern states. Yes, country boys can be racist, and homophobic but so can any other person. I have also had my fair share of “country boy” boyfriends and they are intelligent, quick witted and go to upstanding Universities and they were top in their class. So Mandy do your homework and get a life.

  11. Maybe what the commenters above were reacting to is this: The song tells us that country boys will give you the shirt off their back if you need it. But we know that’s only true in some cases. There are a lot of people in the country who are ignored by their neighbors. The song paints with a really broad brush, and generally lists good qualities. It seems like its trying to flatter the listeners. Maybe some people dislike that.

  12. I was told that Billy Currington was going to perform at then county fair in Crown Point, Indiana. I’m not sure if it’s true but I would like to know. Is he going to perform there?

  13. I just came across this article and comments and I can’t help but chuckle. First, I’m a huge Billy Currington fan. Do I think “That’s How Country Boys Roll” is his best…no, but it IS fun. I’ve never read so much “analyzing” over a little song. And Mandy… say that country boys are ” too often racist, homophobic, and prejudiced based on religion. And so many are poorly educated (going to the weakest of colleges, probably no graduate school, and rarely at a top 10 program in their fields) or just plain stupid.” Well, what’s that saying…”look whose calling the kettle black”? It sounds like you’re the one with the “prejudice”…..get over yourself!!

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