If It’s Comin’ from the Country , It’s Comin’ from the Heart

Country Universe reader, Sheldon, brought this clip to my attention. It’s Dolly Parton singing a song that was specially written for the opening of the 1988 CMA awards that she was hosting that year. Oh, how I wish the Association would have Dolly and Vince host the show someday. But alas, that’s beside the point. Enjoy this fun video.



  1. I love seeing Johnny Cash clap along. He did an opener in the same vein back in the 70s when he was the host, and it was wince-worthy!

    I can’t find that clip, but here’s Cash and Ronnie Milsap awarding Parton the CMA for Entertainer:


  2. WOW~! what a great clip! This just shows what an exceptionally talented ENTERTAINER and singer Dolly really is. The woman really is a national icon (or as she jokes, “eyesore” lol). So glad Dolly is still hitting the cover of national magazines and getting booked on Letterman and Leno – why the hell has country radio abandoned this classy broad? She is probably responsible for bringing more fans over to country thru the years than anyone, and then to be treated with such a lack of respect from the folks at radio…shame on them…
    Anyone ever met Dolly??? What is she like in person?

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