Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, “She’s Got the Rhythm (and I’ve Got the Blues)”


November 27, 2011

If there ever was a song where traditional country perfectly mixes with honky tonk blues, here it is.

This mid-tempo gem, written by Jackson and Randy Travis, showcases production that still sounds vibrant almost twenty years later. With steel guitar and honky tonk piano aplenty, “She’s Got the Rhythm (and I’ve Got the Blues)” is simply a two-and-a-half minute sonic delight.

Furthermore, the song’s concept is accentuated by its clever title and Jackson’s amusingly mournful delivery, including a pitiful “Yee haw” that ends up sounding more funny than sad, which ultimately describes the song as a whole, despite the theme of lost love.

Written by Alan Jackson and Randy Travis

Grade: A

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  1. bobNo Gravatar says:

    Good song. According to wiki, Travis & AJ “planned to pitch the song to B.B. King to record but Alan decided to take it and record instead”.

  2. Ben FosterNo Gravatar says:

    This is such a cool off-beat little tune. The review hit on a lot of really good points about it, especially how it blends sad tones with touches of humor.

  3. John MillerNo Gravatar says:

    ALan Jackson is a music artist that loves composing music and we love hearing them.

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