Single Review: Toby Keith, “Beers Ago”

You know what I like about Toby Keith?

He always sings.  No auto-tune, no “let the backup singers do the heavy lifting.” Just real, pure singing.

“Beers Ago” is typical country nostalgia, but there’s a vibrancy to it because of Keith’s skill as a vocalist.  There’s an urgency there that makes it sound like he could sing his way back there, simply by the sheer will of his voice.

And who else could pull of a line about “the man in the moon working his magic on the second runner up of the 4H pageant”?   It’s like he didn’t get the memo that this was a filler track, and he ended up with a solid record.

Written by Toby Keith and Bobby Pinson

Grade: B+

Listen: Beers Ago


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4 Responses to Single Review: Toby Keith, “Beers Ago”

  1. Hard TimesNo Gravatar

    Love Bobby Pinson’s songwriting abilities, so I’m going to give this one a fair listen.

  2. Good point on Keith’s vocal style. That level of straightforwardness is definitely very refreshing.

    Not quite sure what I think of the song itself, but I’ll give it a few more listens.

  3. Adam JamesNo Gravatar

    Someone wrote a comment on on one of Toby’s songs calling him one of the best soul singers of this generation and I’m somewhat inclined to agree!

  4. Toby Keith’s is a Mans Man. Doesn’t sing about panzy stuff like the Rascal Flats do… love this song – great stuff !!