Single Review: Jake Owen, "The One that Got Away"

It took me until nearly the end before I realized who Jake Owen was reminding me of on this one.

Rick Springfield.  Slightly less theatrical, but Owen doesn’t have all that soap opera experience to draw upon.

So, “The One that Got Away” is about a summer love that ends when the weather changes.   It’s an old story.  It’s been done on the beach.   It’s been done at the seaside carnival.  It’s been done on the farm. It’s been done in the fields.

It’s gotta be done with cleverness. Or distinctiveness. Or viagra non prescription sincerity.  This fails on all counts, leaving us with a generic summer song that’s as easily forgotten as the love that it documents.

Written by Dallas Davidson, Jake Owen, and Jimmy Ritchey

Grade:  C

Listen: The One that Got Away


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6 Responses to Single Review: Jake Owen, "The One that Got Away"

  1. KeithNo Gravatar

    Very clever review. I loved the Suess-esque string of examples of better songs.

  2. bobNo Gravatar

    I have to agree. This song is entirely forgettable, especially since there must be thousands of summer songs.

    By comparison, there are very few songs about the other seasons. You could hardly even use the term “generic” when talking about them. Is there any such animal as a generic fall or autumn song? About 2 years ago I was looking to come up with a playlist of country fall songs and found only a few so I expanded it to include pop songs and still didn’t find many. This is a largely untapped subject for songwriters.

  3. White CleatsNo Gravatar

    Aw, come on, Kevin. Comparing Jake Owen to Rick Springfield is terribly unfair. To Rick Springfield. Rick was a far better songwriter and really knew his way around a great melody. And I’m not just saying that because I’m old enough to have written “Mrs. Rick Springfield” on my Trapper Keeper.

  4. LISANo Gravatar

    i love this song I give it A. I HOPE JAKE MAKE IT

  5. The man sure doesn’t have much to say. The video is more interesting than the song.

  6. Chris MeadeNo Gravatar

    Thank you