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Mark Chesnutt, “(Come On In) The Whiskey’s Fine”

As has been noted countless times before, Mark Chesnutt has one of the most defined traditional voices in modern country music. He can sing a love song to melt the hardest heart or he can sing a hard core country weeper with so much emotion that people can’t help but feel his pain. His biggest strength, however, lies in good honky tonk drinking songs, as was very apparent on his Saving The Honky Tonk album and is, once again, adeptly demonstrated in his latest single, “(Come On In) The Whiskey’s Fine.”

Although the bar owner admits that “the band’s drunk/The beer’s skunked” and they “ain’t got no wine”–not to mention that “the food will make you sick” and “the air will make you choke”–a desperate Chesnutt and his cousin Lindall are assured ”But come on in/The Whiskey’s fine.”

As the third single from Chesnutt’s Rollin’ with the Flow album, this is the strongest release so far. While the first two releases were slow, including a faithful Charlie Rich cover, this song has the Chesnutt charm that endeared us to him in the first place. It has a toe tapping beat, hilarious redneck lyrics, good electric and steel guitar solos and even a quick banjo sample of “Dixie.” Most importantly though, Chesnutt’s vocals are great and he sounds like he’s having fun with a decidedly fun song.

Written by Phil O’Donnell, Dave Turnbull & Kerry Kurt Phillips

Grade: B+

Listen: (Come On In) The Whiskey’s Fine

Buy: (Come On In) The Whiskey’s Fine


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Mark Chesnutt, “When You Love Her Like Crazy”

Mark Chesnutt has one of the purest voices in country music. It seems that he can breathe emotion into a ballad with very little effort. After a string of cover songs, it is nice to hear Chesnutt give us something new with “When You Love Her Like Crazy.”

“When You Love Her Like Crazy” covers the same well trodden ground of a man extolling the many virtues of his woman. Everything she does sends him into a glorious tailspin. The singer tells us that “when you love her like crazy, that’s just what you are.”

The thing is that while this song doesn’t cover new lyrical or melodic ground, Chesnutt’s vocal performance, especially in the verses, is simply wonderful to hear. The production is good as well, though leaving out the synthesizer would have made it even better.

Grade: B

Listen: When You Love Her Like Crazy


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