Review: Jeff Carson, “When You Said You Loved Me”

Funny, but after raving about the maturing Rick Trevino, I must say that Jeff Carson is still stuck in the nineties. This is the type of silly, fast-paced song that would’ve scaled the charts back then for the latest young hat act. The rhythm of the chorus sounds cribbed from Diamond Rio’s “How Your Love Makes Me Feel” – lacking that song’s clever lyrics and the band’s killer harmonies, of course.

I might’ve gotten a kick out of this when I was in middle school, but I’ve grown up since then. Perhaps Carson should do the same.

Grade: C-

Listen: When You Said You Loved Me


  1. I do like Jeff Carson, and when I saw that he had a new single, I was thrilled. I am definitely disappointed by it though. I agree with you with it sounding not mature and the chorus did remind me Diamond Rio’s song (I heard it a while back, before I read your review). For sure, he needs better material.

  2. I do like Jeff Carson, too. But also I have to say that it’s a great song just to listen to. Nice lyrics, nice rhythm and my overall impression: Worth listening.

  3. Well at least Jeff is not writing something about someone losing their girlfriend their dog ran away and they are sitting there crying in their beer. For example I love George Strait but I rather listen to When you Said you Loved me than i would Just Give it Away

  4. Wow what a great song!

    I went to and listened to the Diamond Rio song mentioned and thought it at best to just be mediocre – totally average and predictable. It was pretty much a meaningless song they hardly seemed in the video to even care about singing. Sounded more like at that point they were just trying to churn out “hits” they or their record company thought country radio would buy.

    Now Jeff’s song “Baby When You Said You Love Me” is strong, powerful and infinitely better in both music and lyrics then the Diamond Rio song – although I really don’t see the connection of comparison the other commenters do – and to tell you the truth, the comment above about “Maybe Jeff should grow up too” I thought was a totally immature thing to say. Seemed like that lame comment indicated the immaturity lay with the person making that comment.

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