Faith Hill, "Lost"

Faith Hill, “Lost”

Hill taps into her skills as a pop singer once again, wrapping her smoky vocals around a sultry decla

ration of passion. The conceit of the lyric is novel, and she conveys the intensity of a person who hasn’t been very lucky in love but has now found it, and is willing to lose control in exchange for the feelings she’s discovered. It won’t her win any converts among traditional country fans, but I’m thankful we still have women like Hill who are versatile enough to sing whatever style they’re in the mood for, which is itself a country music tradition.

Grade: A-

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  1. The reason it won’t her win any converts among traditional country fans is that it isn’t a very good song. Based on her performance on the ACM’s , I’d give it a “C”.

    Giving Faith the benefit of the doubt, I’m assuming it sounds better on the single release than it did on the sonically challenged ACM telecast (my PC speakers are temporarily disconnected so I couldn’t listen to the clip Kevin provided) it would probably rate a C+.

    Pop fans will probably love this so it might do very well on the AC charts , pop-country fans will probably make it a minor hit, and stations that play traditional country will probably consign this to “the dustbin of history” like they’ve done most of Faith’s recent releases

  2. I completely disagree with that, I believe that most women who have ever been in love will find this a awesome song, as it says so many things that mushy women say!!!!

  3. I am a diehard Faith fan and have been since ’93. While “Lost” is a pretty good pop song and is in the vein of Faith’s album “Cry”, I find myself longing for a more country sound that was found on “Fireflies”. Just when she was regaining some of her country roots, she puts out this movie soundtrack-style song. I do love this song, but I was hoping for something different to be honest. It will do OK on the charts, but I think she would’ve had a bigger hit with something more country…

  4. I think Lost is an awesome song. I am a country and a pop fan and love all of her albums, especially Cry. I think the song has true passion, which is why I think it will be a huge hit!

  5. Usually, I prefer Faith’s more country stuff (by that I mean her older stuff from her first two albums), but enjoy most of her stuff overall, even the pop, “Cry” I love a lot, so I’m surprised that I love this new one. I first heard it through All Acess’ clip I think and even though I only consider the steel guitar in it the only country thing about it, I just can’t top listening to it. This is one of my, if not the, most favorite radio single at the moment.

  6. I think “Lost” is a great song that deserves lots of airplay that it probably won’t get. It’s a song of unwavering love and devotion that people can realte to, but I’m sure Country Radio will ignore it much like it did other worthy releases such as “Cry” and “When the Lights Go Down.” The stations’ unwillingness to expand the boundaries of country music has alot to do with the undesirable direction the genre is headed. Flash back a few years and you’d hear a variety of music on country stations, but now all they ever play are redneck pride songs and songs about the beach. Frankly, I think those songs make country music look stereotypical and create a negative image. I would much rather have the genre represented by artists like Faith Hill and songs like “Lost,” which convey emotions and feelings instead of things like wanting to get drunk or be a hillbilly.

  7. I love “Lost.” It has a sound that grabs my attention every time I hear it played. It is a song that could pass as either in the pop genre or the country genre, it just depends on the arrangement. Faith Hill does a great job on a great song. I hope the writers, Kara DioGuardi and Mitch Allan keep on truckin’ with more great songs like this.

  8. I enjoy the song, and it’s a shame that this didn’t even get in the top 25. It may be more pop than country, but the song’s still very good. It’s weird that I’ve heard way more pop sounding music get in at least the Top 10 that are horrible songs, yet this song didn’t even crack the Top 25 and it’s one of the best Faith Hill has put out…

  9. I have to say I want to yell and scream a bit when Faith Hill’s music is defined as “Pop Music”. Faith’s music definitely isn’t the “three cord” traditional country music, but there is very little of that variety in country music today. Faith has recorded some of that music, but she is truly a work in progress. Faith’s music has always been and will always be country based, but it is most definitely infused and interspersed with Pop, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, and a bit of Rock n Roll!

    What can I say, the lady is talented and refuses to be put in a “box” in regard to her music. For those who think Faith Hill is vocally challenged listen to her “live” rendition of “Stronger” on her Hits album. I can tell you now this song won’t be played on any country radio station, but it most assuredly establishes her amazing vocal range!

    Having said this, Faith’s music is the same kind of country music being recorded and played by Rascal Flatts, Brooks and Dunn, Kenny Chesney, and Carrie Underwood (to name a few) whose music gets played repeatedly on country radio. I’m not hearing the difference in Faith’s music and the country artists listed above. I don’t think there is a difference (not in lyrics and not in the instruments played)!

    “Lost” is a great country song interspersed with a bit of “Pop” influence, which will not get the radio play it deserves. I’ll agree her performance of “Lost” at the ACM’s was not her best. I heard Faith sing this song in concert in Dallas this year and she was vocally flawless. Like most country songs “Lost” is conveying a story of emotions and feeling in regard to one’s love for another. Great song, great artist, it’s a shame country music isn’t supporting this song or this artist!

  10. Music is, and always will be, a personal choice. As a MALE Brit, I feel I can add a degree of impartiality to the American C&W / Pop scene. All I can say is that this song expresses a lot of emotions that I have personally felt, and is an excellent example of a song that crosses between pop ballad and C&W schmaltz. I only wish I had found it sooner. It’s a great song with a memorable melody and great lyrics.

  11. As romantic songs go…..this is one I will definitely cry over (HAVE cried over) and one I will definitely lie in bed with it playing and think of someone special and one that will remind me yet again, why we fall in love.

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