Emerson Drive, “You Still Own Me”

Emerson Drive, “You Still Own Me”

So about six months ago, “Moments” was sent to radio, and after hearing it, I pretty much had to take back everything mean that I’d ever said about this band.   The song blew me away, and it ended up pleasing radio as well, becoming their first #1 hit.    Listening to their new single was the first time I ever spun a record by this band with anything that closely resembled expectations.

I won’t go as far as to say I’m disappointed, but there’s nothing too special going on here, either.  It’s a standard mid-tempo radio-friendly country song, with a decent lyric and a satisfactory performance.   In other words, acceptably pleasant filter.   Given the fact that the biggest band on radio releases horrifyingly bad records in between their “moments” of brilliance, I won’t complain.

Grade:  B-

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  1. I like this song … at least, it’s grown on me. Maybe I like it just because it almost takes a Kenny Chesney turn with the obligatory beach reference, but instead of the beach being therapeutic, it just makes things worse.

    Plus, there’s been no comments here, so I have to do something to rectify that.

  2. I like the song, but I heard it recorded by two other artists who done it better. Though I do love Emerson Drive for heir live show.

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